Jane & Vivian Dressed Up Rainy Stuck in the Volvo, 1 of 4
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Jane & Vivian Dressed Up Rainy Stuck in the Volvo, 1 of 4

November 10th, 2022


It’s a rainy day and the girls are heading back from running to town in the old Volvo. Vivian is channeling her inner Peg Bundy look with pantyhose while Jane has this colorful blue blazer with matching heels and black dress pants look. Both girls are wearing shiny stiletto heels.

They get to the house and Jane tells Vivian to get the Volvo turned around facing out the driveway to make it easier getting out later. Vivian drives around and Jane is telling her to pull up and back down into the grass to turn around. Vivian stops and looks at her with a little uncertainty about the grass. So she gets Jane to confirm that it’s the grass she wants her to back into. Jane tells her that yes, the grass is where she needs to back into to get this car turned around.

So Vivian does as Jane suggests and when she tries to go forward, the wheels spin a little. Vivian makes sure she’s in first gear and gets on the gas again and the tale-tell sound of the whine of the transmission when the wheels are spinning in the mud gives away that yup, they’re a little stuck.

We’re stuck.” Vivian says to which Jane replies, “How are we stuck right now?
Because it’s raining.” Vivian answers.

She’s trying to gently rock the car back and forth to get unstuck while Jane is looking around trying to figure a way out. The video fades out.

The video fades back in with the Volvo stalled and being hard to start. When Vivian gets it fired up again, she’s much more aggressive trying to rock the car out of the mud.

Come on baby!” Vivian says, trying to will the car out of the mud. Both girls are smelling hot rubber now.

We are stuck, lady! I don’t know how you got us here but you did.” Jane says to her as both girls are just kinda accepting their fate.

Vivian starts dumping the clutch and getting on the gas hard now for some tries in a desperate attempt to get it out of the mud only to have the Volvo’s rear tires dig deeper…

One thought on “Jane & Vivian Dressed Up Rainy Stuck in the Volvo, 1 of 4”

  1. Jane & Vivian Mixed In The Volvo ( Vivian Channeling Peg Bundy Rainy & Muddy) Red Stiletto Open Toe Pumps & Shiny Blue Stiletto Pumps / 1080i MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 4

    It’s Raining outside Vivian is driving the Volvo Jane is sitting beside her Vivian is dressed like Peg Bundy she’s wearing a dark red jacket, multi colored pants, pantyhose, dark red open-toe stiletto pumps. Jane is wearing a blue blazer, dark black dress pants, shiny blue stiletto pumps.

    The drive back to the old HQ is going without any problems that is until Vivian gets back to HQ. Shish is is sitting in the backseat shooting whole body video you can see some of Jane’s feet while Vivian is driving, now that there back at the old HQ. Vivian has to turn the Volvo around, she has to back up on the grass. That should be no problem right?

    With the Volvo that’s easier said then done because it has been raining the grass is wet since the Volvo has street tires when Vivian backs on to the grass she gets stuck has a hard time getting any traction . Vivian tries to shift from reverse to first gear and back into reverse to rock the Volvo back and forth so she can get unstuck. Jane is not too happy she doesn’t want to get out and get her pumps all wet and muddy.

    The camera fades when it comes back on the engine had died on Vivian it takes her about three or four tries to get the engine started, when she first tries to get unstuck she was gentle with the Volvo, now she’s more aggressive on the gas getting the engine rpms up some not to much.

    As clip one is coming to an end there’s smoke coming from the tires the air is getting a little bit pungent inside the Volvo from the rear tires, there getting really hot. What will happen in clip two? Will Jane give it a try and see if she can get the Volvo unstuck and hopefully not get her pumps all wet and muddy?

    We will have to wait for clip two in this four part series to find out what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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