Jane is filming as both girls get into the car. Vivian has on a satin top and satin black skirt with black pantyhose, shiny black peep toe stilettos and red leather gloves for a touch of color. She slides the key in, pumps the gas a handful of times and turns the car over. It sputters and runs rough but as soon as she touches the gas it stalls out. She keeps trying while you watch her inside the car from various angles and from an angle outside the car looking at the tailpipe. Her high heeled shoe keeps thumping on the gas pedal as she sweetly and softly begs the car to start. The battery wins this round as it goes dead…oops!

The battery gets changed and with some finessing of the gas pedal, she gets the engine running within a couple of cranks. She does some sexy revving while leaning out to look back at the exhaust. That gives you a great view of her pantyhose all the way up the back of her thighs.

Vivian finally decides to let Jane have a turn to rev the car. So Jane, wearing a red button-down shirt, black skirt, black pantyhose and black peep-toe high heels, finally gets to put her feet on the pedals and make some noise!