Jane & Vivian Go to Grab the Caddy Boots Over Jeans, 3 of 3
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Jane & Vivian Go to Grab the Caddy Boots Over Jeans, 3 of 3

November 10th, 2021


Will you wait for me, I wasn’t joking when I asked for you to wait for me.” Jane says while Vivian is getting out of the car. The car died right as Vivian was parking it, so yeah, Jane is nervous now because she couldn’t get the Monte Carlo started earlier.

After a few tires, she gets it started and they’re both like, ‘Yay’ but right as Vivian turns to walk away, the car dies. She just stops and looks at Jane. Fortunately, the car fires up again and now (maybe finally possibly?) Vivian can hop in the Cadillac, get it started and they can both leave.

Viewing Vivian from inside the Cadillac, she turns and opens the door of the Monte Carlo to give her some more advice before getting in the Cadillac. The car fires right up for her. All it takes is 3 pumps of the gas and vroom vroom baby!

Purrs like a kitten.” she says under her breath. She backs it up out of the parking spot, avoids Jane driving like a lunatic and heads down the driveway to get on the road. Her cowgirl boots go back-and-forth on the gas and brake pedals as she drives through traffic and stop lights on these narrow country roads. She gets it parked back at the house and does some romping of the gas pedal (with a cameo from Jane) before shutting it off.

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  1. Jane & Vivian Mixed In The Monte-Carlo ( Going To Pickup The Cadillac – First They Have To Get The Monte-Carlo Started) Brown & Black Leather Cowgirl Boots / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 3 Of 3

    As we continue from clip two about the first couple of minutes is video from clip two Vivian makes sure that Jane can get the Monte-Carlo started before she walks over to the Cadillac, it’s parked next to the Monte-Carlo. Jane rolls down the passenger door window she and Vivian talk some before Jane backs the Monte-Carlo out of it’s parking spot and pullover to the side next to a barbwire fence so Vivian can get out and front and Jane can follow behind Vivian.

    Jane follows behind Vivian she got the Cadillac to start on the first try after she gave the gas pedal about four or five pumps to prime the carburetor she gets the engine started on the first try that might have surprised Vivian a little bit, before she warms the engine up a little bit before she backs out of the parking spot the Cadillac is parked at.

    Shish is shooting upper and footwell video as Vivian follows behind Jane. Vivian parks the Cadillac on the driveway as Jane walks over to it, she looks through the drivers door window with her elbows on the drivers door before Vivian opens the drivers door she leans out as she revs the engine as Shish shoots video of her sexy rear.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vivian turns to the camera blowing a kiss before she shuts the engine off. The End. Jane you and Vivian did a great three part mixed multiple series in both the Monte-Carlo and the Cadillac, the both of you have sexy feet in brown and black leather cowgirl boots. Shish yo0ur camera work great. Good Work all!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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