Jane & Vivian Run to the Parts Store, 1 of 5

Jane & Vivian Run to the Parts Store, 1 of 5

April 30th, 2022


Gotta go grab some parts that came in. Gotta move, park and swap some cars first.

This series starts in the Volvo with Jane and she’s going to follow Vivian, who is driving the Camaro parked in front of her. The Volvo starts up for Jane easily but Vivian isn’t having the same luck. Jane is watching and listening to Vivian having a hard time starting the Camaro. She’s getting antsy and is like, “Come ooooon Vivian, hurry!” but all you can hear is the Camaro cranking over. Then Jane’s car, the Volvo, chugs and dies…she should have been paying attention instead of giving Vivian shit.

She cranks the car and it takes a bit to get fired up again. But once she gets it started, she keeps revving it while she continues to wait for Vivian. Jane is wearing a cute pair of Keds and is just sitting there, revving the car and sipping on her coffee while poor Vivian is having issues. You can see a plume of flooded exhaust fumes come pouring out the back of the Camaro when Vivian finally gets it started and it looks like we can head out…after we maneuver around the driveway that is blocked.

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  1. Jane & Vivian Mixed Multiple ( Going To Get Auto Parts – Vivian Floods The Carburetor On The Camaro) White Keds Lace-Up Sneakers / Clip 1 Of 5

    Some of the PTP fleet need new auto parts Shish needs to go to the auto parts store to buy them so why not shoot a mixed multiple five part series to go get the auto parts. Vivian is in the Camaro she’s trying to get the Camaro started and warm it up, she’s having a hard time getting started.

    It looks like Vivian pumped the gas pedal a little to much and flooded the carburetor it takes her close to two minutes to get the engine started and get the carburetor cleared out meanwhile Jane in in the Volvo behind the Camaro, she gets the engine started on the first try she revs it some she lets the engine idle a little bit to long.

    Shish is shooting upper and footwell video of Jane’s sexy size 7 feet in her white Keds lace-up sneakers they look brand smacking new just taken out of the shoe box. Jane is wearing a dark blue windbreaker, gray v-neck pullover shirt, faded denim jeans, white Keds lace-up sneakers.

    Jane has a cup of coffee in her hand she’s getting a little bit impatient waiting for Vivian to get the Camaro started, because she let the engine idle a little to long the engine dies on her it takes her close to minute to get the engine started.

    Vivian now has the Camaro running she shifts into drive she goes forward, the problem is Vivian’s car is blocking the driveway so she has to turn the Camaro around, in order to do that Shish has Jane go past the wooden deck make a hard left turn off the driveway and have her back the Volvo across the driveway on the grass so Vivian can go past her.

    As clip one is coming to an end Jane has backed the Volvo off the driveway across from the wooded deck, and she shut the engine off. What will clip two bring us? Will clip two have video of Vivian struggle to get the Camaro started? If so is she shooting video from her point of view or is someone in the Camaro shooting upper and footwell video?

    We will have to wait for clip two to see what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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