Jane & Vivian Run to the Parts Store, 3 of 5

Jane & Vivian Run to the Parts Store, 3 of 5

June 3rd, 2022


This is a spirited driving clip of Vivian with the camera staying on her boots most of the time. She get a few good stretches in where she can lay into the gas pedal, opening up that old 350.

One thought on “Jane & Vivian Run to the Parts Store, 3 of 5”

  1. Jane & Vivian Mixed Multiple ( Going To Get Auto Parts – Vivian Floods The Carburetor On The Camaro) White Keds Lace-Up Sneakers & Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots / Clip 3 Of 5

    As we continue from clip two for the most part it’s footwell video as Vivian is flooring the gas pedal getting the engine rpms up there pretty good. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was getting the engine rpms up around at least 3,000 rpms minimal driving the Camaro’s big block V8 like she’s Danica Patrick.

    Jane shoots upper body video at lest two times before she turns into the auto-parts store parking lot as Jane tells her where to turn, as clip two is ending Vivian parks the Camaro in the auto-parts parking lot. What will clip four in this five park series bring us?

    Will Jane drive the Camaro back to the old HQ and Vivian shoot video on the way back? If so will she have any trouble getting the Camaro to start? It’s done that a few times. We will have o wait for clip four to see what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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