Jane & Vivian Start’N & Park’N Some Cars Ballet Flats & Sneakers
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Jane & Vivian Start’N & Park’N Some Cars Ballet Flats & Sneakers

November 5th, 2022


They’re getting some of the cars parked where they go for the night in this clip. I try to keep the cars parked somewhat neatly so my neighbors and lookey-loo’s aren’t scowling at us. Hopefully they don’t pay attention to the mudpit and ruts that are where my grass used to be…hey, can only do what you can, right? lol

Jane is wearing some sneakers and Vivian is wearing red ballet flats.

Some flooded starts, old starts and reversing/parking from these two.

One thought on “Jane & Vivian Start’N & Park’N Some Cars Ballet Flats & Sneakers”

  1. Jane & Vivian Mixed Multiple ( Shuffling The Cars Across The Driveway – The Both Of Them Are Taking Turns Shooting This Video There P.O.V) White Lace-Up Sneakers & Dark Red Ballet Flats/ W Metal Studs / 1080i MP4 HD

    It’s a nice day to shoot video moving the cars from one spot to another Jane & Vivian take turns shooting this video, first Vivian is shooting footwell video of her red ballet flats w/ metal studs she shoots wide angle video of Jane in her white lace-up sneakers.

    Jane is going to move the jeep it’s parked next to the carport she has no trouble getting the jeep start she backs up and parks the jeep under the carport next to the Camaro behind the Volvo. Jane is wearing a white V-neck pullover sweater, denim jeans, white footie socks, white lace-up sneakers. Vivian is wearing a gold leather jacket, gold pullover shirt, denim jeans, red ballet flats w/ metal studs.

    Now that the jeep is parked behind the Volvo Vivian hands the camera over to Jane she is shooting whole, upper and footwell video of Vivian sexy size 6 feet the next car to move across the driveway under the carport will be the Cadillac it will take a couple of tries to get the Cadillac to start up so far the cars cold-start really fast well for the PTP fleet pretty fast it might take two or three tries before the engine turns over, other then that between Jane and Vivian it takes them about seven minutes to move three cars across the driveway.

    Vivian parks the Cadillac under the carport either next to the Camaro or maybe no more then a few feet from it. Vivian is going to move the bug next she has to work the gas pedal a little bit to get the engine started her left foot comes out of her left ballet flat a little bit not to much, it takes her about three or four tries to get the engine to start, she didn’t prime the carburetor by giving the gas pedal a few pumps that is probably way it takes her about three or four tries to get the engine started.

    Now that the bug is running Vivian shifts into reverse and backs the bug next to the carport in front of the Cadillac. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Jane is walking up to the house and Vivian following behind her shooting video of her walking up to the house ans she is also shooting video of her feet as she’s walking up to the house. The end.

    Jane you and Vivian have sexy feet in red ballet flats w/ metal studs and white lace up sneakers the both of you did a great job shooting this video. Good Work all!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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