Jess Cranking the Volvo in Tan Peep Toe High Heels

Jess Cranking the Volvo in Tan Peep Toe High Heels

December 8th, 2011

Jess and her super long legs is trying to start the Volvo on a late summer afternoon.  We had planned on doing a driving clip of her in the old station wagon but she has to first get it started.  She isn’t able to get it running before the battery dies on her.

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  1. Jess Cranking The Volvo / Brown Open Peep-Toe Pumps / HD MP4

    Jess is going to try to go too the store to buy some groceries that is if she can get her white 1970Volvo to start shes wearing a green t-shirt, blue denim shorts, brown open peep-toe pumps, raspberry toenail polish.

    Jess gets in she puts the key in the ignition she puts her left foot on the clutch her right foot on the brake pedal the first time she cranked it her right foot is on the brake pedal after that shes cranking and pumping the engine doesn’t even so much as sputter, as Jess is pumping the gas pedal in those brown open peep-toe pumps her feet look sexy in them.

    Shish is using two cameras ones mounted in the back either on a tripod or on the window on the right passenger side door with a suction cup this camera is getting upper body and footwell shots the other one is on the dashboard this one might be a mini cam this one is getting just upper body shots as Jess is cranking and pumping the Volvo. Jess laments that she needs to go buy groceries that her car wont start as shes cranking the Volvo. What’s Jess to do?? jest keep cranking and hope she can get the Volvo to start.

    After about 3 min 45 seconds the battery dies on Jess shes says “great” this doesn’t make Jess happy at all because now she wont be able to go too the supermarket and buy groceries, she keeps trying for about another couple of minutes shes able to get the starter to growl some thats about it.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Jess removes the keys from the ignition she says” going to have to try something else.” jess opens the door she gets out and walks back too the house. The End.

    Jess you did a great cranking clip Shish had planed for Jess to do a driving video in the Volvo the Volvo had other plans had Jess pulled the choke out she probably could have gotten the Volvo started in about two minutes. Shish your camera work as alway great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. This young lady has the most gorgeously looooong legs of any model, anywhere. I wonder how tall Jess is in height? Besides a gorgeously sculpted face, she appears to be all legs! With the one camera placement looking in from the front directly at Jess one could see her knee resting up practically against her right arm as she was turning and holding the key in the “start” position in the ignition; easily being able to reach the pedals.

    Again like more than a few models who have had some much problems starting this Volvo, Jessica neglected to use the manual choke button. many of these young ladies probably have zero experience in real life operating, or being unaware of the choke button which was meant to aid in starting up those old classic cars. And just like the site’s models who neglected do use the choke as they attempted to start the engine, only pumping the gas pedal instead Jess also failed to get it started. Well before the end of the vid the Volvo’s battery began to give up the ghost.

    Excellent job both by Shish and Jess. Say, Jess you could always try the VW Bus. Plenty of room in that vehicle for your groceries, lol!

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