It’s been a while since Jess has driven a stick shift car but no worries, I’m confident she has it all under control.  The Bug hasn’t been driven in a while, you can tell that by how weak the battery is when she starts it.  No problem, this drive will be good for the car then!  So we hit the road and she gets reacquainted with how to drive this little car.  It’s a bit rough at times but we just laugh it off.  On the way back from our little trip, I have her stop to get gas.  She pulls up to the pump and stalls the car accidentally because it’s still in gear when she took her foot off the clutch.  Oops!  Fortunately no one was in front of us. lol  But the problem we now find is that the weak battery shows it’s ugly face again and it’s dead as a doornail this time.  The video ends with just the foot cam as we discuss our few options.  I think she should walk to the house in her high heels to fetch another battery, don’t you?  :p