Jessica Rabbit Cold Cranking the Coronet

Jessica Rabbit Cold Cranking the Coronet

November 15th, 2011

It’s a very chilly day and Jessica Rabbit has to battle with the Coronet to get it started.  She cranks and cranks and pumps and pumps to get the old Mopar running but all it does is sputter here and there.  She even has a hard time getting the darn seat back so she can better reach the pedals.  She tries talking nice to the car, hoping it’ll come around but that fails as well.  She ends up wearing the battery down but she’s a very optimistic girl and keeps turning the key, hoping….hoping….

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  1. Jessica Rabbit Cold Cranking The Coronet / Blue Slingback Pumps / Cold Winter Day

    PTP has a new model her name is Jessica Rabbit shes going to try too cold start the Coronet shes wearing a long blue-coat with brass buttons,black leather gloves, green dress, blue sheer pantyhose, blue slingback pumps, Jessica walks down the wooden deck to the Coronet( I wonder when was the last time the Coronet was started?? Probably at least one maybe two weeks at the most)

    Jessica gets in the Coronet she leaves open the drivers door Shish is getting whole body shots as Jessica puts the keys in the ignition and turns the key for the first time with her left leg outside of the Coronet her left foot resting on the ground she raises her left leg its now inside the Coronet as shes cranking the engine doesn’t even sputter at first, Jessica pleads with the Coronet to start it wont. After a couple of minutes Shish gets in the Coronet hes sitting in the front seat I think hes using a handheld camcorder there might be another camera on the hump getting upper body shots.

    Jessica keeps cranking and pumping Shish gets some really good closeups of Jessica’s feet in those blue slingbacks as shes pumping the gas pedal the engine sputters a few times, the way Jessica is pumping the gas pedal shes really trying to get the Coronet to start shes not pumping the gas pedal hard or fast its more like a gentle slow pumping she gets the engine to start a couple of times she able to rev it for about 10 seconds before the engine dies, Jessica doesn’t let the engine idle at all. I wonder if the choke is releasing to soon that’s a possibility. Jessica stops cranking for a few seconds she strokes the dashboard hoping this might get the Coronet to start.

    Jessica pleads with the Coronet to start she says” its freezing cold outside.” She wants to get the engine started so she can turn on the heater, Jessica is able to get the engine to start at least one more time she can only get one rev out of the engine before it dies again, the battery is beginning to get weak as Jessica is cranking the engine starts up again she can only rev it for about five seconds before it dies again the battery is getting weaker really fast too where it finally dies. Jessica says”please work.” as she strokes the dashboard again hoping that this might get the Coronet to start it wont the battery is dead.

    For the rest of the clip each time Jessica turns the ignition key the only thing you hear is the solenoid switch on the starter click for the rest of the clip and maybe the starter groaning one or two times that’s it, Jessica opens the drivers door she takes the keys out of the ignition she closes the drivers side door.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Jessica walks back up to the house. The End.

    Jessica welcome to PTP for this being you first cranking clip posted you did great your feet in those slingbacks they sure look sexy in them. Shish or Scarlet your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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