Jewels Loves Cranking Old Cars

Jewels Loves Cranking Old Cars

November 3rd, 2019

I’m performing some very high-tech and labor intensive automotive engineering on the ’77 Camaro Z28 when Jewels drives by and stops to ask if she can try to start the car. Not really saying ‘Yes’ to her, she gets out of her car and excitedly gets in the Camaro. She loves cranking these old cars and with the Camaro being really stubborn, it gives her a good challenge!
She’s wearing a black tank top, black skirt and white strap flip-flops with pink toenail polish.

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  1. Jewels Cranking The Camaro Z28( She Has Fun Cranking Old Cars) White Leather Thong Sandals / 1080I MP4 HD

    Shish is doing some work on the Camaro Z28 as Jewels drives up in her black Acura four door sedan she rolls down the window on the front passenger door asking if he’s having trouble getting the Camaro started and if she can give it a try? Jewels rolls the door window up she gets out. Shish doesn’t really say yes, she just walks over gets in and tries to get the Camaro to start up.

    Jewels is wearing a black tank top, black mini skirt, white leather thong sandals. Shish is shooting wide angle video through out the video clip, he shoots some video of the engine the hood is up. As Jewels walks over from her Acura, the drivers door is all ready open as Jewels finds he keys to the Camaro, there on the floorboard behind the drivers seat. Jewels is not afraid to romp on the gas pedal she gives it a really good pumping.

    The Camaro doesn’t even try to catch for about a minute the engine sputters quite a bit. Jewels comes close to getting the engine to start, she gets a few revs in before the engine dies on her this happens a lot for close to five minutes, there was a couple of times it looked liked she either killed the battery or the starter, because when she turned the ignition key the starter didn’t do anything, this happens a couple of times. Jewels might have not turned the ignition key all the way off before she turned the ignition key over to the start position.

    Jewels is beginning to find the right pumping method she’s getting the engine to sputter for longer periods of time, finally after a little over five minutes she gets the engine started she revs it good and loud clearing the carburetor of what excess gas it had in it. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Shish tells the killer of cars to get going, he probably has to do some more work on the Camaro the engine is still running. The End.

    Jewels you did a great crank and rev video in the Camaro your feet look sexy in those white leather thong sandals. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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