She gets in to take us out but can’t get the old car started. She’s having issues with the gas pedal coming off, so it’s making it a little bit of a challenge to pump the gas the way she wants to get the car started. She reaches down to fix the pedal and after it comes apart twice, she decides to be a little easier on the pumping.
Not having any luck on the incline, maybe it’s so low on gas that it needs to be on level ground to get gas to the carb. She takes the parking brake off and pushes the clutch in and cranks it while it’s rolling down the driveway to the back of the house where it’s more level. After trying for a while, she ends up killing the battery.

With the battery changed and the car having set for a bit, she gets back in to get it started and it finally starts! Yay!! She revs it up to clear it out before getting ready to leave for a second time.