Kas Driving the Bug in Heels & Barefoot

Kas Driving the Bug in Heels & Barefoot

March 11th, 2012

We just stopped for gas, she stopped for a Yoohoo!  Now that we’re set, we take off for a drive on a beautiful day!  She works the pedals in her high heel pumps, multi-tasking like a champ.  Later on, she slips the shoes off and drives barefoot the rest of the way.  We talk a little bit as we try to get around the traffic.

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  1. Kas Drive The Super-Beetle Fill The Gas Tank / Black Patent Leather Pumps & Barefoot

    Kas is driving the VW Super-Beetle the video begins just after Kas fills the gas tank and brought a bottle of yoohoo chocolate milk. Kas is wearing a black & white checkered sleeveless shirt with a black bra underneath the shirt, black shorts,black patent leather pumps, barefoot. Kass has just pulled out from the gas pumps shes about to make a right turn, if you look closely you see a restored two tone black & white 1955 or 56 Chevy drive by( oh that would look nice in PTP’S fleet LoL 😛 :P) Now by to the video. Just before Kas makes the right turn Shish tells Kas how easy the bug floods when it gets hot.

    Kas has made the right turn she shifts through the gears after shifting into fourth gear she takes her left shoe off first then her right shoe her feet in those black patent leather pumps must have been hurting her feet. Kas sure has sexy bare-feet, then she takes the cap off her bottle of Yoohoo chocolate milk she drinks from it she polishes it off pretty fast. Shish is getting great video hes getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots as Kas works the pedals with her barefeet. Kass is driving on the highway back to the house it doesn’t take that long to get too the house it takes about ten minutes.

    Wile Kas is driving she takes her hands off the steering wheel so she can buckle her seatbelt after she buckles her seatbelt with her bottle of yoohoo chocolate milk between her legs Shish pans the camera from head to her feet all the way back to the house. Kas stops at least one red light before turning into the driveway and parking the bug she steers the bug behind the Volvo Kas puts the gear shift in reverse so she can backup the bug up against a tree with bushes all around sometimes this is where the bug is parked.

    Kas lets off the clutch she doesn’t give the engine enough gas the engine dies with gravity helping her she steers the bug up against the tree, now that the bug is parked where Shish wanted it Kas puts the gear shift in gear she takes the keys out of the ignition she holds the keys up to the camera she says” I got a lucky rabbits foot.”

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Kas makes sure the gear shift is in gear and the emergency brake lever is raised and set. The End.

    Kas you did a great driving video you nor only have sexy bare-feet they also look sexy in black patent leather pumps. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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