Kas Self-Filmed Trying to Start the Blazer in Vans

Kas Self-Filmed Trying to Start the Blazer in Vans

July 29th, 2012

We just finished a custom video of her trying to start the Blazer in the garage and the Blazer now won’t start so we can move it out of the garage.  I gave her the camera and told her to just film herself while I try to figure out what the problem is.  A short extra clip for the week.

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  1. Kas Cranking The Blazer Can’t Get It To Start For Real / Black Vans

    This clip is a supplemental from a custom # 132 Kas has just finished shooting the custom cranking video, she tries to get the blazer to start for real it wont start so she can back the Blazer out of the garage . Shish has pop’s the hood to see if he can find the problem. Kas is wearing a red t-shirt with wonder woman on it, black shorts, black vans. Wile Shish is under the hood trying to fix the blazer.

    Kas is filming herself with the camcorder shes getting a mixture of upper body and some really great footwell shots of her feet pumping the gas pedal it takes Shish a little over a minute to fix the problem. Kas gets the Blazer started and running shes talking through out this short video.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops upon the screen Kas is getting video of her right foot on he gas pedal giving the engine a few quick short revs. The End.

    Kas you did a great job of not only cranking and pumping the gas pedal. you also did a great job filming yourself. Shish you did a great job fixing the problem under the hood good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S Kas your feet look sexy in those black vans. 😀

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