Robin Masters: Khara Fincher Barefoot Stuck

Robin Masters: Khara Fincher Barefoot Stuck

July 23rd, 2014

Uh-oh, this little night drive got a bit more dramatic when Khara tried cutting across a yard and got stuck in the slick grass!  The damn ‘low traction’ warning keeps going off as she spins her wheels trying to move the car.  Hopefully no one calls the cops on her.
Mostly feet shots with a shot or two of the wheels spinning.

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  1. Robin Masters: Khara Finche Stuck On Wet Grass In Car Rental / Barefoot

    It’s dark outside Robin Masters has another one of his contributors her name is Khara tried cutting across someones yard in a car rental with front wheel drive the car gets stuck on wet grass. Khara kicks off beige flip flops and tries to work the gas and brake pedal by rocking the car back and forth this doesn’t seem to work. Robin Masters is is shooting mostly footwell video he points the camera out the right passenger window at least one time getting video of the right front tire spinning as Khara tries to rock the rental.

    Khara is wearing a dark blue hoodie, lite blue shirt( maybe a t-shirt I’m not sure on that) denim jeans, beige flip flops, barefoot. Robin only gets upper body video of Khara at least one time she looks a little bit nervous as she tries to rock the car back and forth, you can hear another womans voice in the back ground it might be JJ because a woman gets out and walks in front of the rental and tries to push the car to get it unstuck this doesn’t seem to work Khara keeps trying rocking the car back and forth it doesn’t help that the low traction warning alarm keeps going off when Khara is rocking the car.

    As the the video is coming to an end Khara is still working the pedals trying to get the car rental unstuck. The End.

    Khara you did a great video trying to get that car rental unstuck, your feet look sexy both in flip flops and barefoot. Robin Masters you did a great job shooting the video, the only complaint that I have is with the audio I had to turn it up pretty loud to her it other then that it’s a great video. 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. I love all of Robin Masters videos (Barefoot wheel spinning fan here) I think the work they do is awesome. I didn’t think that watching a front wheel drive car spinning its wheels as furiously as JJ and Khara have, could be so mesmerising to watch. Keep em’ coming…

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