Kimberly Heart Cranking the Bug – #224

Kimberly Heart Cranking the Bug – #224

April 5th, 2013

The custom video script:
“Kimberly Heart ran out of gas in the Bug.  She’s walking back with gas in her little can and puts it in the tank.  She gets behind the wheel, looks in the mirror to brush her hair, puts the key in,  pumps it a dozen times, turns the key and the car just cranks…and cranks…and cranks!  This doesn’t sound good.  She tries again but the same thing…just the motor spinning over and not catching.  She begs and pleads desperately for it to start but the motor isn’t listening. She grabs her cell phone to call her boyfriend butt the phone dies after the fourth ring.  She tries starting it again but is still only getting the raspberries from the engine!  She feels something weird in her left shoe so she pulls it off and finds gravel in it.  She shakes it out and pulls off the other one and rubs her feet together and tries pumping in her stocking feet.  She is getting desperate but doesn’t do a lot of hard pumping.  Suddenly a car shows up but she doesn’t recognize it.  She looks in the rear-view mirror and looks out the back window to see who it is but she can’t tell.  She rolls up her windows and desperately keeps trying to get the car started…. “

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  1. Considering that the model was Kimberly, one of my personal favorites who we see here at PTP, this vid was up to the usual level of high excellence! This was at least the third vid filmed by Kimberly where, by the end of the vid, there is an element of possible danger involving our friend in which it appears that some unsavory character, never seen, appears to want to do harm to her. Kimberly is so great at acting out the part of the true “damsel in distress”. Kimberly’s agitation and level of fear is clearly evident near the end of this particular vid as the VW Bug simply is not going to start up for her while that guy draws closer and closer to her. We fear what his intentions could be!

    Your acting is high caliber, Kimberly! For some reason, Kimberly really seems to have an awful time, seen in many previous vids, with the Super Bug. With most other cars used in PTP films, Kimberly though she often has to struggle at it, eventually in most cases, (though not all) does get the particular car started. Yet with the blue Super Bug, it’s as if the car has a mind of its own – and it simply decides that it’s NOT going to start up for Kimberly no matter how many times she pumps the gas pedal or decides to simply hold the pedal down to the floorboard, (with her shoes or barefoot with/without pantyhose). If I could ask Kimberly, I would gather that in answer to my question, “would you ever personally choose to own an old Bug?” – her reply undoubtedly would be “that’s the last car you’d ever see me driving! I’d rather drive a old 100 year old Model T Ford”!! Still Kimberly looks so cute behind the wheel of the Bug. Now if only Kimberly could, for even once, get it started and keep it running without the car’s engine eventually dying on her – perhaps in a future vid we’d see her actually drive the car!

    Great camera work by Shish, especially near the end of this vid with the camera placement just to the right of the gas pedal and on the floor which provided a great view of Kimberly’s right leg bobbing up and down in sync with her pumping the gas pedal, (although by then the battery seemed to be totally dead); as well as allowing viewers to see the absolute terror etched across Kimberly’s face as that guy drew closer to her. Super job as well to this very talented young pedal pumping/cranking model!!

  2. Kimberly Heart Cranking The Super-beetle / Brown Loafers / Custom#224

    It’s a nice sunny day out Kim is driving her classic blue 1972 VW Super-beetle when she ran out of gas, she had a gas can with her she walked to a nearby service station and brought about a gallon of gas. Kim walked back to where the bug was she removed the bugs gas tank cap and poured gas into the tank.

    Kim gets in the bug she tries to get the engine to start it wont so much as sputter. Kim is wearing a blue & white striped long sleeve shirt, denim jeans, pantyhose, brown earth spirit loafers, as Kim is cranking and pumping the bugs gas pedal she pleads with the bug to start that does no good after about three minute of cranking Kim stops for about half a minute she takes her smart-phone out of her purse she tries to call her boyfriend to see if he can come and help her get the bug started.

    After Kim dialed her boyfriends number the battery died on her phone, she goes back to cranking and pumping the bugs gas pedal she’s pumping the gas pedal fast and hard, every now and then Kim looks over her shoulder she sees a strange man way in the back of the parking lot he’s watching her try to get the bug too start, this has Kim spooked.

    Shish is getting a mixture of whole body shots when Kim was outside walking too the bug and pouring gas into the tank, when he’s inside the bug with both the driver and passenger doors open.

    Shish is getting a mixture of whole body video from the backseat, and upper body and some really great footwell video from outside the bug through the open passenger door. Kim stops cranking for a little bit there’s something inside her shoe she takes her left shoe off there’s is a small pebble inside her shoe she puts the pebble on the floorboard beside her she then takes off her other shoe.

    With all that pumping of the bugs gas pedal her feet are getting hot and sweaty in her brown earth spirit loafers. Kim rubs her feet on the gas pedal trying to dry them off before she goes back to cranking and pumping. Kim has been cranking and pumping for about seven minutes without warning either the battery died on her or the starter went out.

    Kim is still pumping the gas pedal as she’s turning the ignition key nothing not a sound she keeps trying. Kim looks over her shoulder the man that has been watching her from a distance is walking towards her this frightens her she closes the drivers door, she keeps turning the ignition key nothing.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Kim rolls up the window on the drivers door she is still turning the ignition key and pumping the gas pedal she’s beginning to panic she’s pleading with the bug to start it does no good. The End.

    Kim you did a great cranking custom you have the damsel is distress down perfect, who ever order this custom I hope you liked it I sure did, your feet in those brown earth spirit loafers they look sexy in them.

    Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. There’s no way too tell PH Kim’s jeans come down way to far below her heels. I didn’t know she had loafers on her feet until she got in the bug and pumped the gas pedal. 🙂

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