Kimberly Heart Knows You Rigged the Car – #165

Kimberly Heart Knows You Rigged the Car – #165

March 17th, 2011

In this custom video, Kimberly is trying to get the Coronet started while you watch.  She talks to you and asks you what’s wrong with the car.  She tries pumping it in different ways and she finally comes out and tells you that she knows you rigged the car to not start.  She knows you like to watch her struggle with it and so she continues cranking the car, letting you watch.

One thought on “Kimberly Heart Knows You Rigged the Car – #165”

  1. Sexy, flirtatious Kimberly has such a great rapport with the camera. It’s as if you’re actually in the car with her as she talks and looks directly at you with that sweet but sly smile on her face. Complaining that she’s hot, Kimberly lowers her blouse teasing you, and at one point the blouse to a level well below her shoulders not quite giving you a sneak peek of her “assets”. Yes, Kimberly just about every member of PTP would love to be in an old classic car sitting next to you in the passenger seat and getting an up close and personal view as you repeatedly crank and fail to get the vehicle started. We’d enjoy every second of it!

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