Kimberly Heart Cranking the Monte – #211

Kimberly Heart Cranking the Monte – #211

September 4th, 2013

The Scenario:
“You’re here to pick me up for a date and you knock on the door. You ask if I like what I see, and then tell me to hurry up, because you have a surprise for me. We get in the car, and you look at me and ask what I was doing under your hood the other day. You figured me out, you caught me disabling your car so that I’d have to come out and fix it. You ask me to show you what I did, so we get out, and you’re being very flirty as we get under the hood. I disable the car, and we get back in. You ask me if you should start it, and then you begin cranking, and teasing me. You’re asking me what it is that turns me on about seeing her crank. When you get down to your feet, you see my reaction and figure me out. You then take your shoes off and seductively pump, rubbing your feet together and on the pedal, talking dirty and being very seductive.  At the end of the video, you look at me and ask if that was hot, grab me by the hand and pull me inside.”

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  1. Kimberly Heart Cranking The Monte-Carlo Black Open-Toed Stiletto Sandals & Barefoot / Custom # 211 / 720 P MP4 HD

    Kim knocks on the front door she’s going to pick you up your going out on a date, she asks you how she looks, she also asks you are you ready? as she turns around showing you her gray strapless mini dress and black open-toed stiletto sandals and French pedicure. Kim tells you she has a surprise for you .

    What you her boyfriend don’t know is Kim figured out that you did something to her her rust bucket a blue 1986 Chevy Monte-Carlo to where it wont start she knows you did something she just doesn’t quite know what you did, both you and Kim get inside the Monte-Carlo. Kim is in the drivers seat you her boyfriend is sitting in the front passenger seat. Kim talks to you through out the video.

    Shish is getting a mixture of whole body shots as well as footwell shots from the passenger seat, he also gets whole body video when you and Kim get out she walks to the front of the car when she realizes she forgot to pop the hood she walks back to the drivers door she opens the door she pops the hood she lifts the hood she looks around for a couple of minutes she tries to get you show her what you did.

    The both of you get back in. Kim tries to get the engine to start it doesn’t even so much as sputter or cough. Kim cranks and pumps the Monte-Carlo at first with her black stiletto open-toed sandals then she takes them off. Kim asks you why you like her seeing her start up old cars? She sees you stare at her feet. Kim figures that you have a foot fetish that you like seeing her pump the gas pedal barefoot she takes off her black open-toed stiletto sandals.

    Kim is now doing a crank and tease, she does a little bounce as she’s cranking and pumping the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal, she also arches her right foot as she pumps the gas pedal, a little later she opens the drivers door. Shish gets some really great closeups of Kim’s right foot as she cranks and pumps the gas pedal, she switches form overlapping her feet when she pumps the gas pedal to arching her right foot as she cranks and pumps the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal.

    After over ten minutes of cranking and pumping the Monte-Carlo the battery is beginning to get a little weak, the starter is spinning slower. Shish gets some good upper video of Kim’s face as she plays to the camera. Kim’s feet look really sexy especially when she arches her right foot when she’s pumping the gas pedal, Kim stops cranking for a little bit she teases you by giving you a flirtatious look she also strokes the gas pedal with her right foot.

    She also rubs both her thighs with both her hands at one point. It looks like Kim isn’t going to take you out for a date in her Monte-Carlo she gives up trying to gt the car to start she picks up her black stiletto sandals she gets out of the Monte-Carlo.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Kim has gotten out of the Monte-Carlo she has her black stiletto sandals in her left hand as she closes the drivers door with her right hand. The End.

    Kim you did a great custom video in the Monte-Carlo who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it I sure did, your feet looked really sexy when you were arching your right foot and when you overlapped both feet when you were pumping the gas pedal.

    Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Once again we have the gorgeous Kimberly Heart at her best. While watching this vid one is convinced because of Kimberly’s excellent acting that you’re actually sitting in the front seat of the car with her and that you’re her date. Frankly not many models can pull this feat off as convincingly as Kimberly does.

    At the end Kimberly is unable to start up the Monte at all, but it seems as if she has another thing in mind when heads back into the house saying “let’s go inside the house”, (he-he)!

    A super vid and perhaps one of the best teasing vids in pedal pumping history!!

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