She sits down in the Monte Carlo and puts these sexy, black, strappy stilettos on her freshly manicured feet. She’s wearing this tight, short dress that shows off her curves and amazing legs.Β When she gets the shoes on her feet, she gives you a little foot show because she knows how you love sexy high heels. She then puts her feet on the pedals and sweetly begs the car to start for her. She gets the car started within a few tries and now she can really drive you wild with some hard revving in that old car you love so much. She pumps the pedal and gives you that sly, seductive look while biting the tip of her finger. She’s smiling at you because she can see the reaction you’re having to her pushing the pedal and making the engine rpm’s dance. She finally turns the car off, gets out and doesn’t say a word and walks away….mercy me!