Rolling along in her automobile…oops, stalled at the stop sign and now it won’t start again!  Traffic whizzing by as she’s just bouncing and begging for that old Jeep to start for her!  It sputters, coughs and chugs as her foot is just working that gas pedal quickly and not-so-effectively.  A car comes up behind her and she has to wave them around.  They pull up next to her and she’s all flustered, apologizing and telling the guy she just has to prime it.  She thanks him for asking if she needs help and he drives off, leaving her to continue struggling.
One of the finest, most realistic, genuine, candid cranking segments from one of the best!  But that’s just my humble opinion. 😉
Oh, after she gets it started, she romps on the pedal and kicks it into gear before the rpm’s come down and she ends up stalling in the road!  After an much shorter but more embarrassing struggle, she is finally driving again and she’s so so glad to make it home!!