Kimberly Heart Revving the Coronet – #258

Kimberly Heart Revving the Coronet – #258

January 26th, 2013

Kimberly Heart can make picking up garbage sexy as hell, so imagine putting her in a sexy dress, black stiletto pumps and behind the wheel of an old v8 car…yeah, bring on the heat!!

3 thoughts on “Kimberly Heart Revving the Coronet – #258”

  1. hands down, that is one of the best videos i’ve seen in such a long time… the sex appeal just drools off her and the way she seductivly gets you wanting it….. yep.. shes got this one in the bag…. EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED DOWNLOAD…. I hope more models do “interactive” play such as what KimHeart has in this video…. GREAT JOB SHISH/SCARLET & KIMHEART

  2. I agree 1000% with Brian’s comment posted earlier. The thing with Kimberly is that she has “IT”. “It” can be described as a woman having the ability to lure you in with an alluring look into the camera, the way that she strokes her fingers up and down the length of her luscious legs elevating the carnal thoughts already going through one’s head, Kimberly’s drop-dead gorgeous figure, (and Kimberly has perhaps the most gorgeous figure of any woman that I know of), her exquisite face, and the way that she interacts with you the viewer as if you actually were right there with her. Just past the halfway point of this vid, when Kimberly gives a seductive look into the camera and asks “why don’t you and I simply get out of here, huh? The desire is almost mind blowing for it to become reality.

    I can safely say that when it comes to luring the viewer into her spider’s web, Kimberly is one of the few female models in the pedal pumping/cranking industry who is able to almost suspend time. You watch Kimberly in a vid such as this one, lose yourself completely into her and become completely mesmerized with what she has to offer.

    Yes, Brian is right. This vid is in the category of one that all PTP members simply MUST DOWNLOAD to their computers!1

    Thank you Kimberly, Shish and Scarlet!

  3. Kimberly Heart Revving The Coronet / Black Patent Leather Pumps / 1080i WMV HD

    Kim is doing a custom revving clip in the Coronet, this is custom # 258. Kim is wearing a black dress, black patent leather stiletto pumps, as the video begins the engine is already running. Kim looks into the camera she flirts with you through out the video.

    Shish is getting a whole body shot, you can see Kim’s right foot work the gas pedal as she’s revving the engine, she talks to you through out the video, a little bit later in the video. Shish has another camera on the floor on the passenger side getting an upper body video as Kim flirts and teases you, she lifts the arm rest a couple of times as she revs the engine.

    Kim’s feet look really sexy in those black patent leather pumps as she revs the engine making it roar with each press of the gas pedal, wile shes revving the engine she rubs her right leg with her hands as she flirts with you, it looks like Kim changed her hair color she was a brunette she gone back to what looks like a shade of lite brown, this was the color she had when she first came to PTP .

    A great custom revving video who ever ordered this custom. I hope you liked it i sure did. Shish also gets some really great footwell shots of her right foot pressing down on the gas pedal revving the engine, she has a tattoo on her right foot.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Kim looks into the camera she rubs her right leg some more as she is flirting with you. The End.

    Kim you did a great custom revving video, your feet in those black stiletto pumps they look really sexy in them. Shish your camera as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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