Kimberly Heart & Layna Crank the Coronet in Flip Flops

Kimberly Heart & Layna Crank the Coronet in Flip Flops

October 19th, 2011


The girls are walking to the Coronet and Layna is not sure why Kimberly likes to park her car in the bushes.  Layna slides across the bench seat to the passenger side while Kimberly slips in behind the steering wheel.  It’s a warm day and Kimberly knows she’s going to have to do some leg work to get the car started so she pulls up her hair and gets to it.  The car doesn’t want to start and after a bit, they swap positions as Layna has had some experience from watching her mom have car trouble.  Layna ends up draining the battery and so they swap it out for a charged one.  Layna gets back in and tries it with no luck.  The girls swap again and Kimberly finishes off the cranking attempts before they give up.

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  1. Kimberly Heart & Layna Britain Cranking The Coronet / Flip Flops & Sandals / MP4 HD

    Kimberly and Layna are going for a drive in Kim’s green 1974 Dodge Coronet that is if she can get it started. Kim is wearing a brown pullover shirt, blue jeans, brown flip flops pink toenail polish. Layna is wearing a brown pullover shirt, blue denim shorts,French pedicure toenails, brown sandals, the Coronet is parked in the bushes Layna gets in first she scoots over to the passenger seat Kim gets in behind her they both get in through the drivers side door they can’t get in on the passenger side because of the bushes. Kim puts her hair in a bun with a rubber-band she and Layna talk through out the whole clip.

    Kim puts the keys in the ignition she turns the key the engine will not start not even so much as sputter Kim is cranking and pumping. Shish is getting upper body and footwell shots after about a minute Kim stops cranking her and Layna switch places with Kim and Layna gives it a try she cranks and pumps for close to two minutes the battery runs down pretty fast and dies, now that the battery is dead Kim is going to change the battery in order to do that Layna has to get out so Kim can get out through the drivers door, the camera fades when it comes back on the hood is up there’s a new battery in Kim asks Layna, Do you want to try it? Layna says yes. Layna gets in with the drivers side door open Layna gets in Kim tells her to give it some gas.

    Layna cranks and pumps the gas pedal it still wont start not even so much as sputtering just straight cranking and pumping. Shish is getting whole body shots and footwell shots of Layna’s sexy feet in those sandals as shes cranking and pumping the gas pedal after close to two minutes. Shish is getting some really great closeups of Layna’s feet as shes pumping the gas pedal. Layna stops cranking she thinks that the Coronet has had all that it going to take, Kim walks over and gets back in the Coronet shes going to give it another try and see if she can get the Coronet to start.

    For close to three minutes Kim has been cranking and pumping the gas pedal to no avail the Coronet just wont start she grinds the starter one time Kim cranks it a for long time close to at least 30 seconds at a time, the drivers side door is closed Layna is standing to the right wile Shish is getting video of Kim from the drivers side through the windshield as shes cranking and pumping. Kim has had enough of the Coronet for one day shes stooped cranking she gets out through the drivers door.

    Kim hands the keys over to Layna she drops them on the ground she tells Layna that’s shes sorry for doing that as shes walks over to the front of the Coronet to close the hood, the hood latch doesn’t want to lock in place she has to try to close the hood at least two or three times now that Kim has the hood closed she and Layna walk over to her car so they can go on there drive.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Kim and Layna walk over to Layna’s car . The End.

    Kim you and Layna did a great cranking clip both of you ladies have really sexy feet. Shish your camera as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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