Kimberly Heart & Layna Britain Heading to a Party, 2 of 2

Kimberly Heart & Layna Britain Heading to a Party, 2 of 2

March 15th, 2014


Layna tells Kimberly to try it again as she’s looking under the hood.  Kimberly spins it over a few times and gets the car started to where she can rev it up.  Thinking all is well, Layna slides back behind the wheel and starts revving it up herself.  She’s rusty at driving a stuck, so she stalls it when trying to leave.  Kimberly gives her a few pointers but keep in mind, Kimberly can’t drive a stick either.  Oh boy!! Lol!  They end up deciding it’s best to just call a cab!


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  1. It’s too bad, (for whatever reason) Layna left PTP as a model. As seen in this vid,along with several others, Layna seemed to have a lot of natural chemistry filming vids together with Kimberly. The two beauties always seemed to enjoy each other’s company. They joked around and made fun of each other at points, comfortable in the fact that one didn’t take the other too seriously through their playful teasing and poking fun at each other.

    It seems as if Layna’s ability at driving a stick shift is about as good as Kimberly’s. Which is to say really not that good. Layna was able to back the Volvo up about as far as Kimberly did – I’d say about 3 inches before the car stalled out on her several times. According to the storyline with the fact that in the end these two beauties were going to call a cab in order to get them to their party, I envy the driver of that cab company who took their call. It’s a safe bet that the cab driver didn’t have any more gorgeous young women for ALL of his fares compared to Kimberly and Layna. I would have taken them to their party – and then offered to pick them up again hours later; and even if the ride home came well past my normal work shift hours, (ha-ha)!

  2. Kimberly & Layna Crank & Rev The Volvo Going To A Costume Party / Clip 2 Of 2 720 P MP4 HD

    As we continue from clip one Kim is still trying to get the Volvo to start, the choke is still all the way out. Kim is not sure if she’s working the choke the right way she never has pulled the choke all the way out like this before. Kim keeps cranking and pumping wile Layna is standing in front of the Volvo the hood is still up, with all that pumping of the gas pedal that Kim is doing is beginning to pay off. The engine is beginning to sputter some it finally comes to life.

    Kim revs the engine wile shes revving the engine Layna closes the hood she walks over to the drivers door she wants to drive, both Layna and Kim kid around a little bit on whose going to drive. Kim closes the driver door Layna puts her arm through the drivers door window it’s rolled down about halfway she opens the door, as long as Kim either revs the engine or keeps the engine rpms up the engine will run smooth if she tries to let it idle the engine sounds rough and it might die. Kim scoots over to the passenger seat as Layna gets in, the engine is idling the engine is spinning slower and slower until it dies. Layna cranks and pumps the Volvo’s gas pedal it starts right up the choke is still all the way out .

    Layna tries putting the gearshift in reverse so she can back the Volvo out she’s a little bit rusty driving a stick shift she has a little bit of trouble finding where reverse gear is, Kim shows her how to put the gearshift in reverse, before she did that she revved the engine really good, she tries putting the gearshift in reverse the engine dies on her she has no trouble getting it started backup, she revs it some more. Kim is giving her more pointers on how to put the gearshift in reverse, and also how to let the clutch out, the Volvo barley budges maybe an inch or two at the most .

    The engine dies again Kim is going to get a cab that if you look at the fuel gauge it looks like the Volvo is either out of gas or close to it, since Kim and Layna decided to get a cab. Layna opens the driver door on the Volvo. Kim asks Layna if she put the gearshift in neutral?

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up Layna and Kim are still inside the Volvo there about to get out. The end.

    Layna you and Kim did a great crank and rev two part video series in the Volvo Layna’s feet look sexy in those brown leather cowgirl boots. Kim your feet look really sexy in those black peep-toe stiletto sandals. Shish your camera work as always great. Good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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