Anabelle Pync Sabotages Kimber Woods Car, 1 of 2

Anabelle Pync Sabotages Kimber Woods Car, 1 of 2

March 31st, 2019


The garage door opens and Anabelle, decked in boots and leather, comes tip-toeing out of the garage over to Kimber’s car. She quietly gets in, pumps the gas a bunch of times then gets out and quietly shuts the door. She tip-toes back to the house.
…a little while later.
Anabelle & Kimber come into the garage to say their ‘goodbye’s before Kimber has to leave. The give each other a kiss goodnight and Kimber walks to her car, gets in and goes to leave but it won’t start. She tries for a bit because the car can be finicky at times. It is chilly out, so it’s probably just being stubborn. She keeps pumping the gas and spinning it over hoping to get it start. Unbeknownst to her, Anabelle is hiding in the garage listening to Kimber’s struggles and smiling at the thought of Kimber’s boots pumping that gas pedal to try and start her car. She waits as long as she can before going out there and asking what the problem is. Sneaky little girl…

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  1. Kimber Woods Can’t Get Her Monte-Carlo To Start( Annabelle Sabotaged It By Flooding The Carburetor) Black Leather OTK Leather Boots & White Leather OTK Leather Boots /1080I WMV HD/Clip 1 Of 2

    It’s dark outside Kimber is about to go out on the town in her Monte-Carlo Annabelle is going to do a prank on Kimber, she opens the garage door she sneaks out to the Monte-Carlo opens the drivers door she gets in and pumps the gas pedal a lot flooding the carburetor, she gets out and quietly closes the drivers door she goes back in the garage and closes the garage door.

    Kimber comes out a little bit later dressed in glasses, black leather jacket, black leather gloves, white & lite black scarf, white pullover shirt, black leather shiny pants, white leather OTK boots, she walks out through the garage giving Annabelle a peck on the cheek. Kimber gets in the Monte-Carlo she puts the key in the ignition she tries to get the Monte-Carlo to start, the engine isn’t even trying to catch, she keeps trying to get it to start. Shish is shooting whole body and footwell video as Annabelle walks out a gets in pumping and flooding the carburetor.

    Shish also shoots whole body video as Kimber walks out to the Monte-Carlo from the garage, he also shoots some wide angle video from the windshield and upper and footwell video as she struggles to get the Monte-Carlo to start, after a few minute Annabelle is standing in the garage listening to Kimber struggle to get the Monte-Carlo to start. Annabelle walks out seeing that Kimber is having car trouble getting it to start. Kimber not being the wiser what Annabelle did to the Monte-Carlo.

    As clip one is coming to an end Kimber is still trying to get the Monte-Carlo to start with Anabelle standing next to her with the drivers door open. What will clip two bring us? Will Kimber keep trying to get the Monte-Carlo to start? Or will Anabelle own up to what she did to the Monte-Carlo? Will Anabelle help Kimber get the Monte-Carlo to start? We will have to wait to find out in clip two in those two part series to find out how this turns out. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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