Layna Britain Cranking & Revving the Bug

Layna Britain Cranking & Revving the Bug

September 17th, 2011

Layna gets in her Bug and tries starting it but doesn’t have any luck.  She keeps pumping the gas, trying to get it started but it smells really flooded.  She calls her friend who has helped her start her car before and she gives some pointers over the phone.  Layna doesn’t make any progress and gets off the phone.  After some more failed attempts, she calls her friend back who then gives her another strategy:  pump it a LOT then crank it and see if that works.  The Bug sputters to life and Layna revs up the motor to clear out the cylinders.  Some good smoke coming from the exhaust.

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  1. Layna Britain Cranking & Revving The Super-Beetle / White Strappy Sandals /HD

    PTP’S newest model Layna Britain is going out for a drive in the VW Super-Beetle that is if she can get it started shes wearing a white top, blue denim shorts, white Strappy sandals. Layna gets in the bug she turns the key the engine wont start she cranks and pumps the gas pedal the engine doesn’t even so much as sputter she keeps trying.

    Shish is getting video from the from passenger seat he might be using a handheld camcorder hes getting whole body and footwell shots of Layna’s feet as shes pumping the gas pedal, wile shes cranking and pumping Layna calls her friend on her cellphone too tell her shes having trouble getting the bug to start her friend tells her too wait 10 seconds and try again, she does it still wont start, Layna tells her friend that the bug still wont start she will keep trying if it doesn’t work she will call her back.

    Layna goes back to cranking and pumping. Shish is on the other side of the bug the drivers side door is open hes now getting whole body and footwell shots as Layna is cranking and pumping the gas pedal. Layna stops cranking she calls her friend on her cellphone again to ask her what she should next, her friend tells her too pump the gas pedal Layna does this she tells her friend if she can’t get it to start she will call her back.

    After pumping the gas pedal for close to 30 seconds Layna goes back to cranking and pumping for about 2:00 min the engine begins to sputter with each pump of the gas pedal. Shish is also getting some video of the exhaust as the engine is sputtering every now and then, finally with all that cranking and pumping it takes Layna close too 7:00 minutes to get the engine started now shes giving the engine lite too mild revving.

    Layna calls her friend to tell her she got the bug started and that shes sorry that she bothered her and she thanked her friend for helping her out.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Layna is still revving the engine. The End. Layna for this being your first clip you did a great job of cranking and pumping the bug you act like you’ve been doing this for years. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! : D 😀 😀 😀

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