Madalynn Raye Cold Staring & Driving Camaro in Ballet Flats, 1 of 2

Madalynn Raye Cold Staring & Driving Camaro in Ballet Flats, 1 of 2

October 6th, 2013

She gets to experience a little cold-starting in the old 77 Camaro.  She doesn’t warm it up much and she finds out the hard way that you should always warm up these old cars before hitting the road.  Each time she puts her foot on the gas to accelerate after she’s backed out into the road, the car dies.  This happens a few times before she’s finally able to get it going.  She has some fun driving fast along these back roads.

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  1. Madalynn Raye Cold-Starting & Driving The Camaro Z28 / Black Ballet Flats / Clip 1 Of 2 720 P MP4 HD

    It’s a little bit chilly on the morning this video was shot Madalynn is going to do a two part driving series in the Z28, she’s wearing a dark blue turtleneck sweater, denim jeans, black ballet flats/w ruffles. As the video begins Madalynn adjust both the drivers seat and the tilt steering wheel before she tries to cold start the Z28. Madalynn doesn’t prime the carburetor she has to do some cranking and pumping the engine doesn’t start on the first try it turns over on the second try she revs the engine a little bit she lets off the gas pedal, the engine dies she gets the engine restarted with no problem.

    Madalynn doesn’t warm the engine up for too long barely a minute, one of the things that Madalynn learned is you have to warm these carburated engines for at least a couple of minutes before putting the gearshift in gear. Madalynn puts the gearshift in reverse she backs the Camaro out of the driveway she gets out into the street when she puts the gearshift in drive when she would press down on the gas pedal the engine would stall, Madalynn puts the gearshift back in park she has no trouble getting the engine started backup had she warmed the engine up for at least one maybe two more minutes she would not have had the engine stall on her four times.

    Shish is getting a mixture of whole body upper body and some really great footwell video of Madalynn’s sexy size 7 ½ right foot as she works the gas and brake pedals, now that Madalynn has the engine warmed up enough she turns right at the stop sign after making the right turn Madalynn tries getting the Camaro to go as fast as she can, Shish points the camera at the instrument cluster getting great video of both the tachometer and the speedometer she gets the Camaro going good it looks like she’s going either 70 MPH or close to it. Madalynn is having a good time driving the Z28.

    Although penny loafers are my favorite shoe on a woman’s foot ballet flats are a real close second Madalynn’s feet look really sexy in them as she’s driving on the two lane back roads, as the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Shish is getting a great footwell shot of Madalynn’s right foot as she’s going as fast as she can in the Z28.

    What will part two bring us? Will the engine stall on Madalynn when she stops at a stop sign? Will she keep going as fast as she can or will traffic slow her down? We will have to wait and find out. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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