Madalynn Raye Cranking Coronet – #358

Madalynn Raye Cranking Coronet – #358

February 18th, 2016

She’s heading to the store and asks you to ride along. She hops in the Coronet, mentions that hopefully she can get it going and pumps the gas a few times in her socks and sandals before turning the key…bah, it just cranks! 🙁 She keeps trying, confident that she’ll get it started. Those white socks showing up nicely against the black floorboard in those black strapped Birkenstock sandals. She finally gets it running and revs it up, victory!

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  1. Madalynn Raye Crank & Rev The Coronet (Trying To Go Too The Store) White Tube Socks & Brown Leather Birkenstock Sandals / 1080 I MP4 HD / Custom#358

    It’s a nice sunny spring day Madalynn wants to go to the store to do some shopping she asks you to come ride with her in the Coronet,it hasn’t been started in a wile. Madalynn is not sure it will start, she’s wearing a pink short sleeve pullover shirt, denim jeans, white tube socks, brown leather Birkenstock leather sandals. Madalynn walks to the Coronet she gets in and primes the carburetor the first three or four tries it doesn’t start. The engine coughs and backfires and sputters quite a few times before she gets the engine started and running, it takes Madalynn a little over three minutes to get the engine started.

    Shish is getting a mixture of whole body video as she walks over to the Coronet and a mixture of upper and footwell video from the right front and drivers doors both are open as Shish switches from the front passenger door to the drivers door as she struggles to get the Coronet to start, getting some really nice footwell video of Madalynn’s sexy size 7 right foot as she pumps the gas pedal when she was struggling to get the Coronet to start. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Madalynn is giving the Coronet’s 318 V8 engine a good loud revving. The End.

    Madalynn you did a great cranking and revving custom video in the Coronet your feet look sexy brown leather Birkenstock sandals, who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it as much as I did. Shish your camera work as always great. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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