Hooters Girls Driving to Work, 2 of 4

Hooters Girls Driving to Work, 2 of 4

October 10th, 2012


Today, we’re riding along with not one but two awesome Hooters babes.  Madalynn is riding shotgun as Vivian snags the keys to the Camaro SS to take it for a spin.  A few cameras are set up inside to capture their drive and they are turned loose.  They talk back and forth about different things.  They stop at the gas station and while Vivian is inside, Madalynn sneaks behind the wheel to do some revving…and she doesn’t go easy on the car either.

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  1. Madalynn & Vivian Driving The Camaro To Work At Hooters / 720 P MP4 HD Clip 2 Of 4

    As we continue from clip one Vivian gets out of the Camaro to fill up the Camaro with gas, after filling up the tank with gas she goes in to pay for the gas. Wile Vivian is paying for the gas. Madalynn can’t resisted she scoots over too the drivers seat she starts the engine she revs it for about a minute. Vivian opens the drivers door this startles Madalynn. Vivian asks Madalynn whats she doing?

    Vivian gets in she puts the gearshift in first she didn’t release the emergency brake lever all the way. Madalynn lowered the emergency brake lever all the way. Vivian is leaving the service station pump island shes about to make a right turn. Now there on there way to work at Hooters too start there shift.

    It doesn’t take that long to get too Hooters only a couple of minutes, both Madalynn and Vivian talk through out clip two. I wonder if they forgot the cameras are on inside the Camaro, just thinking out loud. Vivian parks the Camaro in the parking lot at Hooters.

    The camera fades when it comes back on both Vivian and Madalynn finish there shift, after a long day at work. Vivian gets behind the wheel they head home.Shes about to make a right turn she lets off the clutch the engine stalls on her she has no trouble restarting the engine. Vivian and Madalynn are talking up a storm on there way back home.

    Vivian parks the Camaro in the driveway in the same spot where they started earlier. What will clip three bring us? Will we get footwell shots from the camera mounted on the drivers door? We will have too wait and find out in clip three. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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