Madalynn & Vivian Heading to Work, 2 of 2

Madalynn & Vivian Heading to Work, 2 of 2

October 21st, 2011


Madalynn and Vivian are working the same shift and have to scurry out the door so that they both aren’t late for work.  They’re taking Madalynn’s car, so Vivian slides across the bench seat to the passenger side.  There’s a slight chill in the air and it’s making Maddy’s car a bit difficult to crank.  She keeps trying but isn’t having much luck.  Vivian decides to scoot over and try it from the passenger side.  She manages to get the car to sputter but it won’t stay running.  Each time the car does start, they try revving it to warm it up but it keeps conking out.  They do manage to get the car moving in this second clip but it stalls out constantly like it’s out of gas.  Vivian finally tells Maddy that they need to take her boyfriend’s car so they don’t get fired.

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  1. Madalynn & Vivian Cranking & Revving The Coronet / Driving To Work / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one the engine has died Madalynn calls the Coronet a piece of sh#t as shes about to try to start the Coronet Madalynn is cranking and pumping the gas pedal rapidly shes also cranking it pretty long about 15 to 20 seconds at the most she and Vivian are still talking back and forth as Madalynn is cranking, with all that cranking the battery is beginning to get weak after a couple of minutes.

    Vivian says” let me try.” Vivian scoots over a little bit she puts her right foot on the gas pedal with her right hand she turns the ignition key shes cranking and pumping after about 15 seconds of cranking and pumping Vivian gets the engine to start she revs the engine good for about close to a minute shes revving the engine gently with her left foot, Shish is getting great video of both Vivian’s and Madalynn’s feet from the backseat, now Madalynn is revving the engine, Madalynn says” its sounding better.” as shes revving the engine now that the engine is warmed up enough Madalynn puts the gear shift in drive.

    Madalynn is moving forward the Blazer is in front of the Coronet Madalynn has to turn the steering wheel left and right to get around a bush the Blazer in front of the Coronet Madalynn has to backup so she can get past the Blazer she puts the gear shift in reverse the engine dies on her the Coronet rolls back almost to where she was before, Madalynn puts the gear shift in park she tries to restart the engine it sputters one time now Madalynn is cranking and pumping she cranks and pumps the gas pedal for about 45 seconds.

    Madalynn and Vivian give up Madalynn takes the keys out of the ignition Madalynn opens the drivers side door to get out Vivian opens the passenger side door she can’t get out because there’s a bush in the way she scoots over to the drivers door to get out Madalynn and Vivian are going to take Vivian’s car instead.

    As teh PTP logo pops up on the screen Madalynn and Vivian are walking away from the Coronet. The End. Madalynn & Vivian for this being your first two part series the both of you did great. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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