Madalynn Gives Mall Cop Vivian a Ride to Squad Car, 2 of 2

Madalynn Gives Mall Cop Vivian a Ride to Squad Car, 2 of 2

July 19th, 2018


Vivian got her squad car running but it’s not sounding right. She’s letting it warm up with the drivers door open so she can hear the engine running better and yeah, something definitely sounds off. The car stalls on her and she tries getting it started again but ends up killing the battery. She heads back to Madalynn’s car to use her phone and call the office. They tell her to take the old bus they confiscated the other day. Madalynn is unsympathetic and just laughs at Vivian having to drive that old thing.
Vivian gets in the bus but quickly finds out it’s worse off than her car. It won’t even spin over at all…dead battery? So she goes to the next car, an old Volvo station wagon and finds the keys and gets it started after some cranking and pumping with her boots. She warms it up and goes to back out but stalls it out. After a little more cranking, she gets it going in the right direction and looks like she can finally make it to the station to begin her shift.

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  1. Madalynn & Vivian Mixed Multiple / Lite Brown Thigh High Leather Boots & Black Leather Thigh High Leather Boots /1080I MP4 HD / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one Vivian is still revving the engine it still sounds really rough, the engine dies on her. Vivian tries to restart the engine the battery doesn’t sound that strong it dies on her after about a coupe of minutes trying to restart the engine the starter solenoid switch clicks away when she turns the ignition key, by now Vivian figures out the mechanic didn’t do any work on her patrol car. Now that the battery is dead Vivian gets out of the Coronet closes the the drivers door, she pulls the cover over the rest of the Coronet, Vivian walks over to the jeep.

    Vivian asks Madalynn if she can use her cellphone to call the police chief at the shopping center mall asking him what she should do telling him she can’t get her patrol car to start that the mechanic didn’t fix it yet. The chief tells her to take the 1971 VW Westfalia bus that was confiscated the day before. Vivian bites her tung almost getting into a shouting match with the chief, she wisely shuts her mouth. Vivian hangs up on chief walks over to the bus she puts the keys in the ignition nothing the battery is dead.

    The only other way to drive over to the shopping center other then having Madalynn having her drive her over there is there’s a 1970 Volvo station wagon next to the bus. Vivian says the hell with it she will drive the Volvo over to the shopping center, what does she have to lose? Vivian is already an hour late for work, she has too fight the Volvo to get it to start. Shish is shooting a mixture of whole body video as she walks from the Coronet back over to th jeep and over to the bus and the Volvo, and upper and footwell video as Vivian struggles to get the Volvo to start up, after working the choke by pulling it in and out a few times, the Volvo starts up after a couple of minutes.

    Now that the Volvo is running Vivian revs the engine a little bit to warm it up, she tries to shift into reverse so she can backup. Vivian is only able to backup a few feet when the engine dies on her. Vivian didn’t warm the engine long enough. Vivian cranks and pumps the Volvo gas pedal and works the choke a little bit, the engine starts up. Vivian backs the Volvo up and shifts into first gear she makes a right turn from the dirt road shifting through all four gears, at least Vivian will get to work and put in seven hours, maybe the chief will let her put some over time in.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vivian shifts into third gear to slow down. The End. Madalynn you and Vivian did a great mixed multiple two part series, the both of you have sexy feet in lite brown thigh high leather boots and black leather thigh high boots. Shish your camera work as always great. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Amazing video live the outfit and boots can u do a part 3 where u tell your friend to take u to ur squad car when u get there u say I’m gonna sit here all day until y start and rev the hell out if it until u act right

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