Mandie Brake Failure in the Bug – #111

Mandie Brake Failure in the Bug – #111

July 19th, 2012

Mandie is unaware of the puddle of brake fluid coming out from her car as she walks to it and gets inside.  She starts the old Bug up and drives away, not knowing that danger lies ahead!  She drives the Bug aggressively to her destination, noticing the brakes feel ‘off’ but she just shrugs it off.  The doubts about the brakes doesn’t stop her from putting the pedal to the floor to wind this little Bug up.  It’s not until she has to brake hard that she understands the gravity of her situation!  She pumps the brake pedal in her patent pumps a lot as she tries to get the car to slow down.  She stays calm, thinking the problem through and finally comes up with a solution to pull over to the side of the road.

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  1. Mandie’s Brakes Failed In The Super-Beetle / Black Patent Pumps / Custom #111

    Mandie is going out for a drive in her classic blue 1972 VW Super- Beetle. If you look closely at the left front tire what Mandie doesn’t know is somebody cut her brake line. Mandie is wearing a white sleeveless turtleneck sweater, black & white striped mini skirt, black patent leather stiletto pumps.

    Mandie gets in she starts the engine up she makes a right turn everything seems okay nothing out of the ordinary she shifts through the gears shes not going that fast 25 mph at the most.

    Shish is getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots. Mandie isn’t wearing any pantyhose shes barelegged. For a good long wile the drive is going okay. Mandie is going pretty fast the speedometer says 60 plus MPH.

    Mandie tries to slow down the brakes are acting a little bit funny. Mandie is getting a little bit scared shes not panicking just yet she presses down on the brake pedal trying to slow down the bug stays at around 60 MPH for a wile.

    Mandie pleads with the bug to stop it doesn’t she keeps trying to stop shes franticly pumping the brake pedal as cars are passing by her . As Mandie keeps trying to stop the bug she says” please don’t do this to me now!” as shes pumping the brakes, after close to fifteen minutes of pumping the brake pedal.

    Mandie manages too get the bug to slow down so she can pulls over to the side of the road shes on a busy four lane highway cars are passing by her going pretty fast. Mandie has come to a complete stop on the side of the road she gets out and walks over to the passenger side she kneels down to the ground she almost fell on the ground she braces herself on the bugs running board with her cellphone in hand she calls a friend to come pick her up.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Mandie is calling her friend to come pick her up. The End.

    Mandie you did a great brake failure video your feet in those black patent leather pumps they sure look sexy in them. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it I sure did. 😀

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