Mandie Stranded at the Office – #179

Mandie Stranded at the Office – #179

July 21st, 2011

Mandie is done with a long day at work but things just took a turn for the worst when her old car won’t crank.  She keeps trying to get her little VW to start but it just won’t catch.  She tries to phone for help but no luck.  She checks under the hood and sees her distributor cap is fried.  She calls the parts store to see if they have another one so she can fix her car after she gets a ride.

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  1. One of the best cranking vids featuring the VW Bug at this site. Very realistic storyline as Mandie is a woman just getting out of her office job. It is a hot afternoon, she wants to get home and into more comfortable clothing. At first Mandie doesn’t give any gas as she turns the key in the ignition, her right pump not even touching the gas pedal. Mandie is puzzled as to why her Bug won’t start, it was working fine that morning. What further aggravates Mandie is in trying to contact her boyfriend for help, he’s away on a trip. A girlfriend as she finds out in another attempt to communicate with someone is incognito.

    Mandie then begins pumping the gas pedal with each starting attempt. The pumping becomes more aggressive in sync with Mandie’s mounting frustration. In addition Mandie becomes more uncomfortable sitting in her car. She starts fanning herself, loosening her business coat, lifting up the top of her blouse to get air, finger-scratching her legs encased in pantyhose several times which have probably become extremely sticky and quite itchy. Mandie’s feet become hot in those pumps so she removes them, revealing beautiful pink polish on her toenails. Mandie continues the aggressive pumping of the gas barefoot in her hose. She is to exhort the car to please start up complaining that her right bare foot hurts simply by pumping the gas pedal. She has long stopped depressing the clutch with her left foot, resting it on the floorboard.

    Eventually, knowing that she probably has flooded out the Bug, Mandie gets out to see what the problem is. Opening the rear mounted hood, one can see foul vapor fumes escape into the air and Mandie is literally overcome with the foul gas smell, waving her hand in front of her nostrils. She is to discover that the distributor cap, (in her words) is gone. Someone stole it.

    She calls an auto parts store to get a replacement part for the car. Mandie will not be driving home in the Bug on this day.

    An excellent vid featuring a model in Mandie having problems with my personal fav. cranking car. Completely realistic in all aspects of this vid. Super job both on Mandie’s part and on Shish operating the camera.

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