Mandie Coronet Cold Start Fail in Gray Suede OTK Boots

Mandie Coronet Cold Start Fail in Gray Suede OTK Boots

November 28th, 2021

It’s a cold one here in Alabama and Mandie is filming herself cold starting the old 1974 Dodge Coronet.
Gosh, it’s freezing! I hope this thing starts for me.” she mumbles to herself and spins the engine over and holds it for a few seconds while pumping steadily on the gas until it starts up.
First try!” she says triumphantly while the engine is chugging and struggling to run. Anyone who grew up around these old cars in the cold weather knows that a ‘first start’ is rarely a good thing because when it stalls out, good luck getting it cranked again. Her foot it still pumping the gas to try feather and smooth it out but it’s chugging worse every second and she’s realizing it’s not looking good.
Come on…come on…” she begs the car to not die but it eventually stalls out. She tries cranking it over again and the battery isn’t sounding too good now. Greaaaaat. She ends up draining the battery after a few more attempts.

Ok, let’s try this one more time. Stupid battery!” she says as she gets re-situated in the car . When she turns the engine over this first time with the new battery, she’s happy with all the power she now has getting to the starter, it gives her a boost of confidence that she’ll be able to get it started. Now if she can only get the carburetor primed properly without flooding it, she can get this baby fired up!. She’s pumping the gas a lot before turning the engine over and it’s now becoming counter productive as she’s beginning to flood the car out.

Lots of sputtering, cold engine chugging, stalling, pumping, priming and begging here. Near the end, she even gets some really good hard revs in but she prematurely puts it in gear thinking she’s warming it up enough and it stalls out, this time, for good.

One thought on “Mandie Coronet Cold Start Fail in Gray Suede OTK Boots”

  1. Mandie Cranking The Coronet ( Extremely Cold Outside Filming This Video Herself From Her P.O.V – She Flooded The Carburetor Really Good) 720P MP4 HD / Gray Suede OTK Leather Boots

    It’s freezing cold outside hard to tell the last time the Coronet had been started and driven Mandie is going to shoot this video herself from her point of view she shoots some upper body video, for the most part she shoots footwell video through the steering wheel . Shish shoots some video of the rear of the Coronet towards the end of the video as Mandie struggles to get the Coronet to start, she’s bundled really good she’s wearing a black sleeveless vest,black leather gloves, red plaid long sleeve shirt w/ black stripes, gray long sleeve hoodie, dark black leggings, gray OTK suede Leather boots.

    Mandie gets the engine to start on the second try had she kept revving the engine she might not have killed the battery after the engine died on her. Shish puts a new battery in it takes her about three or four tries she gets the engine to start had she not let up on the gas pedal and kept the engine rpms up for at least five minutes the engine might have kept running.

    When the engine dies on her Mandie pumps the gas pedal a lot way too much she flooded the carburetor so much that flames came out of the exhaust for a few seconds as Shish was shooting video of the rear of the car, it’s a good thing none of the leaves around the rear of the car didn’t catch fire. Shish also shoots whole body video from the right front passenger door it’s open all the way as Mandie kills the battery.

    Mandie nose is so cold she can’t smell the gas in the air, the air around the car is so thick with gas fumes Shish can almost taste it in the air. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Mandie kills the battery again and she puts her right glove back on after taking it off earlier when she turns the ignition key.

    The End. Mandie you did a great cranking video in the Coronet your feet look sexy in those gray OTK suede leather boots, you did great shooting part of this video from your point of view. Shish your camera work great. Good work all!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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