Mandie Cranking in the Rain – #84

Mandie Cranking in the Rain – #84

October 10th, 2010

In this custom video, you’re going with Mandie to go to the store.  It’s raining and you’re waiting in the car while she gets her umbrella.  She gets in and tries to dry herself off a bit then cranks the Coronet.  She pleads with the Coronet to stay running but it keeps dying and then won’t crank any more.  Distraught and wet, she tries the Volvo but the cold, damp air won’t let it fire up.

2 thoughts on “Mandie Cranking in the Rain – #84”

  1. Hello. I wish I knew where to begin. Well, I joined the site last week, and have been so busy with videos…busy being absolutely blown away by them..that I haven’t really gotten around to commenting. lol Here I am finally 🙂 Let me tell you, it is impossible to pick a favorite clip or model. The lovely Mandie is among many that seem to stand out. I have a preference for bare legs/feet..and there are countless such clips to choose from as I’ve gone through the massive amount of sensational material. Mandie’s “assets” are simply awesome. Again, she’s not alone here. I’m just enjoying her at the moment 🙂 As with so many of the videos, it’s like you’re there with them..the camera angles, how they pump, turn the key, the reactions, wardrobe, various conditions outside etc..all add to the realism. And this is a reality I cannot get enough of. Outstanding job guys. By the way, I notice Mandie’s birthday is coming up. Would like to wish her a very happy one 🙂

  2. Similar to Scott’s comment posted previously, (although 7 months later) I too recently joined the site. Mandie has quickly become one of my fav. models. All of her vids, cranking and driving are excellent. Mandie in this vid, although it appears to be quite cold outside in addition to the fact that it’s raining out nevertheless chose to wear this sexy white blouse, extremely short black skirt, bare legs and clogs. I’ve always had a thing about women wearing clogs going back to my adolescent days in the early 70’s when that shoe style first become popular and practically all young ladies had at least one pair.

    I love Mandie’s pumping style. Even though Mandie stated in the vid while trying to start the second car, (Volvo) that she feared she had flooded the vehicle’s engine, she kept on rhythmically pumping the gas pedal both in between starting attempts and also as she turned the key and held it in the “start” position in the ignition. The sight of her right leg, (and thigh) bobbing up and down in sync with Mandie’s foot pumping the gas pedal simply looks sexy.

    Complaining of the frigid temperature inside the car, Mandie started to rub up and down the length of her legs with the fingers of her hands trying to get them warm. A natural movement, but none the less quite sexy as Mandie inadvertently was drawing the viewers’ attention towards her very gorgeous looking legs. As in other vids, Mandie usually would take off her shoes and pump the as pedal barefoot, she unfortunately didn’t do it in this vid. Mandie normally has her feet beautifully pedicured, toe nails painted and they would have aroused me even further if one could have seen them in this particular vid. However, because it appeared to be quite cold out on this day perhaps Mandie probably didn’t want to have the feel of the cold gas pedal up against the sole of her right bare foot.

    Great vid, Mandie! All of your vids filmed for this site are just arousing to watch!

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