Mandie ‘Volvo Night Issues’ Pumps & Bare Feet, 2 of 2

Mandie ‘Volvo Night Issues’ Pumps & Bare Feet, 2 of 2

May 22nd, 2016

The issues contine in part 2 but this time, she’s working the 3 pedals with her bare feet. She’s just trying to get us back to the house and hopefully there won’t be any walking in our immediate future. Dialogue and pedal pumping action like only Mandie can do. Cranking, driving, stalling, can’t see the road, cold feet and all kinds of other hot stuff! 🙂

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  1. Mandie Crank & Move The Volvo / Black Leather Gloves & Black Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps & Barefoot / 720 P MP4 HD / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue form clip one Mandie is driving the Volvo back too either HQ or Cassandra’s it’s hard to tell it’s dark outside as Mandie is driving at a pretty good clip the speedometer looks like she’s going at least 45 maybe 50 Mph at times. Mandie does not think she has good night vision, she kicks off her black patent leather stiletto pumps,the windshield is fogging up some. Mandie comes close to either hitting something or running off the road. I’m not quite sure witch, she and Shish are talking back and forth as he is getting some really great footwell video of Mandie’s sexy size 8 bare-feet as she work the pedals.

    Mandie comes to a stop at a stop sign the engine stalls on her either she does not give the engine enough gas or she shifts into third gear by mistake either way the engine dies on her she has to do some cranking and pumping of the Volvo’s gas pedal to get the engine stared backup this happens at least three maybe four times some times she gets the engine started pretty fast other times it takes her close to half a minute to get the engine started back up.

    Mandie finally makes it to where she’s supposed to drive too fogged up windows and all. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen the engine stalls on her for the last time she does a little cranking and pumping of the Volvo’s gas pedal she gets the engine started backup she moves the Volvo down I think it’s the driveway and comes to a stop. The End. Mandie you did a great crank and drive video in the Volvo you handled the Volvo like a pro with the engine stalling on you rolling backwards a little bit at a stop sign getting the engine started backup as fast as you can driving with the windows fogged up a little bit you didn’t let the Volvo get to you for a second. Shish your camera work as always great. Good work all!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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