Mandie Reversing the Volvo at Night in Vans, 2 of 2

Mandie Reversing the Volvo at Night in Vans, 2 of 2

March 14th, 2013

So we’re now in front of the car, watching the headlights dim as Mandie is trying to get the Volvo started again.  She tries a few times before letting the car roll.  I thought she was going to try to pop the clutch but no, she just rolls along and cranks at the same time.  lol  She does get it started after a lot of struggling…it seems that hard braking earlier has made the car not want to run so well.  But once it’s going again, she starts going around the parking lot again as we watch from a distance.  The car is stalling more frequently now and she decides to head back to the house and not push her luck.  At the red light leaving the parking lot, the car stalls on her again!  She desperately cranks the car …

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  1. Mandie Crank & Drive The Volvo / Checkered Black Pewter Vans / 720 P MP4 HD Part 2

    As we continue from part one Mandie is trying to get the Volvo to start back up, as she’s cranking and pumping the Volvo’s gas pedal. Shish is outside in front of the Volvo getting video of the front end of the Volvo the headlights are on as Mandie is cranking away. Mandie shuts the headlights off after about 30 seconds so it wont kill the battery.

    Shish walks around to the passenger side, as Mandie keeps trying to get the Volvo to start. The Volvo rolls down the hill almost hits one of the islands. Mandie hits the brakes before that happens she keeps trying to get the Volvo to start as she slams on the brakes to bring it to a stop. Shish walks down to the Volvo he gets video through the drivers side window witch is rolled up.

    Mandie stops cranking for a few seconds she takes the keys out of the ignition and puts the key back in, she goes back to cranking and pumping. Mandie has her left foot on the brake pedal as she pumps the gas pedal with her right foot, it takes Mandie a little over two minutes to get the engine started back up.

    She puts the gearshift in reverse she covers almost the whole parking lot in reverse, she stops close to Shish. Mandie decides to go back to the house,with all that driving backwards and slamming down on the brakes, the Volvo isn’t running quite right she doesn’t want to push her luck.

    The Volvo stalls again wile Mandie tries to get it to start, the side windows are foggy. Shish opens the right rear passenger side door he gets in as Mandie cranks and pumps the Volvo she gets the engine started, she heads towards the exit, I’m not sure if she’s at a red light,

    The engine stalls again she must have put the gearshift in third gear by mistake, Mandie cranks and pumps the Volvo as she’s cranking and pumping she works the choke. The thing that amazes me is Mandie cranks and pumps the Volvo she works the choke she does not flood the carburetor one time in this two part series goes for close to 20 minutes from what I can tell.

    Mandie gets the Volvo started backup she doesn’t get to far down the street there’s a traffic accident she goes around it with no problem, with her right hand as she’s driving back to the house. Mandie practices where second and fourth gears are, looks like she was having a little bit trouble on witch gear was second and witch gear was fourth.

    There back at the house Mandie turns into the driveway she comes to a complete stop the engine stalls again before she can shut the engine off, she makes sure that the gearshift is in gear.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Mandie puts the gearshift in gear she shuts the headlights off. The End.

    Mandie you did a great crank and drive video in the Volvo you feet in those vans they look sexy in them, even thought the Volvo stalled on you quite a bit, the way you cranked and pumped the Volvo’s gas pedal and working the choke you didn’t flood the carburetor one time that has to be a first not getting the carburetor not to flood that is some feat you did.

    Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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