It’s a warm Summer day and Mandie walks to the Bug looking hot in those short shorts, tank top and black leather boots. She opens up the lid to the engine of the car, checks it to see if it’s still hot and flooded from earlier…nope, should be good now. She gets in, leaves the door open and props her left foot on the door sill while she goes to start the car. Apparently it’s still a little flooded. She struggles with this car in the heat and it’s starting to test her patience. She gets out and opens the hood again and checks the connections on the distributor. It gets loose sometimes but it’s tight. She gets back and in the car sputters and chugs for a bit as she tries feathering the gas to clear it out but it stalls….ugh, so close! It finally starts up and she gives it some revs and hopes it’ll stay running.
This clip is viewed from a shot behind the pedals and drivers side, no picture-in-picture though.