Mandie Starts, Revs & Drives in White Moccasins

Mandie Starts, Revs & Drives in White Moccasins

September 5th, 2011

We’re off to film another custom video in the Coronet.  Mandie starts the Coronet, does some quick revving in it and hits the road.  She drives the twisty roads with her feet going from the gas to brake quite often.

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  1. Mandie Starts/ Revs & Drives The Coronet / White & Silver Loafers

    Mandie is going to drive the Coronet to a parking lot too do a custom shoot shes wearing a blue shirt, blue hoodie,gray jeans, white & silver loafers, (maybe penny loafers not sure.) Mandie starts the engine on the Coronet to warm it up it starts right up she revs it for about 30 or so seconds the engine almost dies on her before she guns it to keep the engine from stalling on her.

    The engine dies on her she restarts the engine this time she revs it good for close to two minutes. Shish is getting great video the first two minutes its almost all upper body shots with footwell shots mixed it, now that Mandie has the engine warmed up she puts the gear shift in drive and shes on her way from the time they leave the driveway Shish is getting all footwell shots with upper body mixed in as Mandie’s feet work the pedals.

    This is the third clip that Mandie has done with these loafers her feet look so sexy in them out of all the shoes Mandie has worn these are my favorite shoes her feet seems to be one with the shoe its almost you can’t tell where the foot begins with the shoe its a perfect fit.

    As Mandie is driving she arches her right foot lifting her right heel out of her shoe for just a few seconds. Mandie has pulled into the parking lot where there going to do the custom shoot she parks the Coronet puts the gear shift in park she presses down the emergency brake pedal she shuts off the engine.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Mandie gets out of the Coronet she closes the door the end. Mandie you did a great video I can’t say enough on how sexy your feet look in those loafers . Shish your camera as always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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