Mandie Cranking & Revving Paw’s Car – #103

Mandie Cranking & Revving Paw’s Car – #103

March 27th, 2010

Mandie struts out to Old Pa’s car to do some playing in it.  She wants him to know that she can handle his big car.  She’s got her drop-dead sexy country girl outfit on with some killer heels.  She slides into the Caddy’s big bench seat and has to work the gas pedal to get the big V8 to start.  Once Old Pa’s engine is running, she proceeds to rev the hell out of it while talking to you and teasing you.

3 thoughts on “Mandie Cranking & Revving Paw’s Car – #103”

  1. Mandie is pretty and fearless. She has great legs and I like her pantyhose. I like the way the darker, reinforced lining shows on her pantyhose right below her shorts. I also like the way that she controls the car.

  2. Mandie dressed in that outrageously sexy outfit would be able to wrap any man right around her finger. Mandie after getting the Caddy started then spent the last half of the vid caressing every inch of her luscious legs with the fingers of her hands. Yes, Mandie in answer to your question I love it when you wear pantyhose on your legs, even with the extremely short jean cut-offs you were wearing. I think even Old Pa would approve of your driving his big old Caddy as you showed who was the boss after you got it started. This vid performed by the alluring Mandie was a tease with a capitol T!!

  3. HOT! What else can a revv fan say for such a killer video? Nylons, Daisy-Dukes, high heels and Mandie’s die hard attitude make for a killer performance. She certainly taught that old caddy a few things or two and definitely showed us that she was ready to show her paw that she could drive his big ol’ car. Al;so, loved the way she held the seat cushions rather than held the steering wheel! This may be a small thing but folks, it’s kudos to Mandie for yet another breakthrough performance idea! You do not always have to hold onto the bloomin’ steeering wheel. Grab the seat, your legs or hold just fold your hands in your lap once in a while. Y’know? And the way she revvs…omg… like a goddess divine. *whew* Blew me to the moon!

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