You’re walking out to the car and told Mandie that she has to start the old beast. She’s wearing these super tall wedge sandals and when she gets to the car, she’s not real happy that she is the one that has to do this. You give her the keys and you both get in the car. She puts the key in the ignition, gets adjusted and complains a bit more before cranking the car over. She tries a few times and reminds you that this was a bad idea. She tries again and tells you that it isn’t going to start but ironically, the car sputters and sounds like it just might. She holds the pedal to the floor the next time and gets it running but when she’s lightly revving it up to clear it out it conks out. She eventually gets the car running and starts to leave the house when it stalls in the driveway. She gives it some more tries and has finally had enough of this crap and gets out of the car.