She gives the big, floor mounted gas pedal few quick pumps and turns the key.  The car sputters to life and she immediately begins romping the gas pedal to the floor, blowing smoky exhaust out that tailpipe.  The pine straw and leaves on the ground get blown away as the hot exhaust comes screaming out!  She plays with her hair as she sexily revs the car in her black patent peep toe pumps and sheer pantyhose.  She rubs her legs, looks at you and just gives you a full on revving tease show.  As the video gets to the end, the Cadillac is overheating and smoke is coming from the engine.  The car stalls a few times and if you’ve ever heard a woman try to start a very hot engine, it sounds like the battery is almost dead.  That’s what happens here…she ends up revving the car till it won’t run anymore.