Mandie & Tinsley Crank the Caddy in Leather Pants & Pumps

Mandie & Tinsley Crank the Caddy in Leather Pants & Pumps

September 21st, 2013


Both ladies are ready to go out and have some fun!  Dressed in some tight leather pants and stiletto heels, Tinsley gets behind the wheel of the old Caddy to take them to town.  Unfortunately, the car doesn’t want to start!  Tinsley is pumping away on the big, floor mounted gas pedal but the car only sputters a few times.  It’s flooded, bad!  Mandie even tells her she’s pumping it too much because she can smell the gas in the air.  Tinsley just replies, “I know, I love it!”  Mandie eventually slides next to Tinsley to try and get it started herself but no luck!  They eventually give up and decided to call-in some Chinese food.

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  1. Mandie & Tinsley Cranking The Fleetwood / Black Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps

    Mandie and Tinsley are going out on a night on the town they both have on black leather pants and black Patent leather stiletto pumps, they walk from the house there going in her rust bucket a blue 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood. Tinsley gets in first she’s going to be driving its dark outside as Tinsley gets behind the wheel she gets in through the drivers side door Mandie fallows she gets in through the right passenger side door and sits besides Tinsley.

    Mandie has on a red top that she’s wearing with her black leather pants and her black stiletto pumps. Tinsley has on a dark top maybe black pulled over a purple shirt, she puts the key in the ignition. From the first time she turns the key she’s cranking and pumping the engine teases her quite it almost catches it sputters for about two seconds before she goes back to cranking and pumping, wile Tinsley is cranking she Mandie talk back and forth quite a bit. Tinsley smells gas in the air it looks like she might have flooded the carburetor.

    After a few minutes Mandie asks Tinsley if she could try, Tinsley scoots over a little bit so Mandie can scoot over she puts her right leg over the hump Mandie puts her right foot on the gas pedal she cranks and pumps the gas pedal for close to a minute that does no good the engine still wont start. The engine sputters a little more Mandie keeps trying.

    Shish is getting video from two angles one is from the front passenger seat he’s getting whole body video the right passenger door witch is open the other is from the back seat getting whole body video as both Tinsley and Mandie try to get the Fleetwood to start, after about a minute Mandie gives up trying to get the Fleetwood too start. Tinsley goes back to cranking and pumping the Fleetwood’s gas pedal, she tells Mandie that she has a magic foot when it comes to pumping the gas pedal.

    Tinsley keeps trying for about another four or five minutes the engine sputters and coughs some more the engine never starts . Mandie tells Tinsley to pump the gas pedal faster the only thing that would do is flood the carburetor even more that is if you can flood it with more gas then it all ready is, wile Tinsley is cranking and pumping away at the Fleetwood’s gas pedal Mandie sings a song.

    The battery is holding up for now Tinsley is about to give up getting the Fleetwood to start she’s going to give it one more try before giving up on getting it to start. Tinsley takes the keys out of the ignition she opens the drivers door she gets out and goes back into the house.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen both Mandie and Tinsley get out of the Fleetwood they go back into the house. The End.

    Tinsley both you and Mandie did a great cranking video in the Fleetwood your feet look really sexy in those black stiletto pumps. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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