Mandie & Tinsley Driving the Bus – #196, 2 of 3

Mandie & Tinsley Driving the Bus – #196, 2 of 3

January 15th, 2012


Mandie & Tinsley have their workout clothes on and are ready to take off!  Mandie is still driving until about halfway through this clip when they swap.  Tinsley becomes the driver and she drives the old VW Camper Bus hard and aggressive.  She winds out each gear to the max and rarely goes into 4th gear when driving at speed.  Lots of flooring in white Keds and sneakers from these two ladies.  One camera is in the back of the Bus while the other is on their feet the whole time and you are treated to a back-n-forth view in this 3 part series.

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  1. Mandie & Tinsley Driving The VW Bus / Clip 2 Of 3 MP4 HD / Custom #196-1

    As we continue from clip one Mandie is still driving with video from the mini cam as Mandie works the pedals with her white keds sneakers, after about three minutes Mandie pulls over and stops she gives the engine a couple of revs to keep it running. Tinsley scoots over from the passenger seat Mandie gets out through the drivers door crosses in front of the bus she gets in the bus through the front passenger side door, now it’s Tinsley’s turn to drive Mandie releases the emergency brake Tinsley makes a right turn the mini cam gets great video of Tinsley’s feet as she works the pedals and shifting gears.

    Mandie and Tinsley are still talking back and forth as the PTP logo pops up on the screen Tinsley stops and is about to make a right turn. What will clip three bring us will we see Mandie and Tinsley go into the gym to do there work out? Or will they drive back to the house? We will have to wait and see until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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