Mandie & Tinsley Driving the Bus – #196, 3 of 3

Mandie & Tinsley Driving the Bus – #196, 3 of 3

January 31st, 2012


Mandie & Tinsley have their workout clothes on and are ready to take off!  Tinsley is driving this entire third and last clip of this series.  She drives the old VW Camper Bus hard and aggressive.  She winds out each gear to the max and rarely goes into 4th gear when driving at speed.  Lots of flooring in white Keds and sneakers from these two ladies.  One camera is in the back of the Bus while the other is on their feet the whole time and you are treated to a back-n-forth view.

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  1. Mandie & Tinsley Driving The VW Bus / Clip 3 Of 3 MP4 HD / Custom #196-3

    As we continue from clip two Tinsley is driving the bus the first 3:00 min 45 sec are footwell shots of Tinsley’s feet as shes working the pedals on the bus at about the 3:00 45 sec the video starts off from the end of clip Two Tinsley has just switched places with Mandie Tinsley makes a right turn, Shish is in the back seat getting whole body shots mostly from the rear and some footwell shots mostly of Tinsley’s right foot as she works the gas pedal.

    Wile Tinsley is driving by accident she hits the horn Mandie and Tinsley are still talking back and forth still can’t understand what there saying because the engine is drowning out what there saying to each other there having a good time there laughing when Tinsley hits the horn, shes making left and right turns.

    Tinsley turns into the driveway she parks the bus Mandie pulls the emergency brake lever before Tinsley turns the engine off she gives the engine a few quick revs before she shuts the engine off, Tinsley says” that was fun.” Mandie says” You say that’s fun I guess you have horrible driving skills, that energy drink did you in.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Tinsley has just gotten out of the bus Mandie is about to close the right passenger door. The End.

    Mandie and Tinsley you two did a great three part driving series in the bus, too bad the both of you are past models maybe someday the both of you will come back to PTP one can only hope. 🙂 Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. For a driving video series, this was a real turn on. I’d have melted to see them cranking on a sputtering bus in those exact outfits.

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