Mandie & Tinsley in “Spy vs. Spy”, Mission Alpha1

Mandie & Tinsley in “Spy vs. Spy”, Mission Alpha1

December 4th, 2013


Mandie is leaving a facility after doing some spy stuff.  Thinking all her tracks are covered, she is ambushed when she least expects it by a rival spy, Tinsley!  Just as Mandie starts her car, Tinsley ambushes Mandie and tries to knock her out.  Mandie struggles to get the car in gear.  When she does find the select and puts it in ‘D’, she floors the gas, hoping to shake Tinsley loose.  Tinsley hangs on and Mandie slams the brakes, hurtling Tinsley into the front seat where the girls fight, side by side, over control of the pedals.  Tinsley wedges Mandie’s foot onto the gas and the Jeep takes off again.  Mandie is able to free her foot and when she slams on the brakes this time, Tinsley gets knocked unconcious.  Mandie ‘cleans up’ her little mess by putting Tinsley in the drivers seat and lets the car roll away…

**Disclaimer:  No models where harmed during the filming of this video.  All stunts were performed on a closed course.**

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  1. Mandie & Tinsley Spy Vs Spy Driving The Jeep Wagoneer /Black Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps / Custom # 374

    Mandie has just taken some photos at a top secret faculty with her smart-phone she’s walking back to her rust bucket a red 1986 Jeep Wagoneer, she’s wearing a white long sleeve blouse, black skirt, sheer pantyhose, black patent leather stiletto pumps. What Mandie doesn’t know is an enemy agent is in the backseat of the Jeep her name is Tinsley she’s going to stop Mandie by any means necessary. As Mandie starts the Jeep up she’s about to put the gearshift in drive when Tinsley comes up from the backseat and tries to knock out Mandie with a rag with chloroform.

    Mandie fights Tinsley as best as as she can. Tinsley is wearing a white long sleeve blouse, black skirt,fishnet pantyhose, black patent leather stiletto pumps. Mandie is trying to work the gas and brake pedals as she tries to brake free from Tinsley, with the rag over her mouth and nose Mandie tries getting the gearshift in drive, she manages to get the gearshift in drive she goes forward she slams on the brakes. Tinsley gets thrown into the front passenger seat, Mandie slams on the brakes, Tinsley gets both feet over on the gas pedal she tries giving the engine gas wile Mandie keeps both feet on the brake pedal.

    Wile Mandie and Tinsley fight it out Shish is getting a mixture of whole body video upper body and some really great footwell video, it takes Mandie a little over three minutes to overpower Tinsley by gunning the engine the Jeep goes forward a little bit she slams on the brakes. Tinsley head hits the dashboard she gets knocked out, the camera fades. When it comes back on Mandie opens the drivers door she pulls Tinsley from the passenger seat into the drivers seat she puts her feet on the pedals. Mandie then puts the gearshift in drive as music is playing in the background, the Jeep is going down a street where it will crash into something and maybe kill Tinsley.

    That’s not all about the last forty-five seconds of the video Shish shows video of him Mandie and Tinsley as they go over the script of the custom there about to shoot, you can see a hard printout of the script on the table, as Mandie plays with plays with a model of a Dodge Cobra on the dining room table.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Shish Mandie and Tinsley go over the script and they go out and shoot it. The End.

    Mandie and Tinsley your feet look really sexy in patent leather stiletto pumps who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it I sure did, this is different with the music in the background it’s good to mix it up now and then. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 D 😀 😀

  2. This vid simply was such a treat to watch with two tremendously beautiful young ladies enacting a truly creative storyline involving a spy story, (Mandie using a smart phone to take top secret photos) set in 2013! Both women looked incredibly sexy in their near matching outfits, (Mandie in sheer pantyhose versus Tinsley in fishnet hose being the only difference in their clothing) down even to the fact that their hair coloring matched.
    The next time Tinsley might want to put more chloroform mixture into that rag before trying to gag Mandie from behind into a state of unconsciousness, (ha-ha). She never could get Mandie knocked out which led to that well acted drama where each was trying to get control of the Jeep, (with the camera focused solely on both ladies’ feet on the gas and brake pedals).

    The last 40 – 45 seconds of the vid was completely off the charts, showing a preview of this vid and Mandie, using a model car indicating what would happen to Tinsley, (plunging the car off of a table).

    One only hopes that with the title” Spy vs. Spy, Mission Alpha 1 that there could be a Mission Alpha II sequel to this excellent vid. Mandie, Tinsley and ShisH you all did a great job in putting together this superlative storyline! Even the sinister sounding music towards the climax of Mandie and Tinsley’s struggle in the Jeep added to the drama in this vid!

  3. Ya dang right I did!!!!!!! Those gals are easy on the eyes and did an awesome job! Shish took my script and ran with it! Loved it!!!!

  4. Just updated the download link with the HD version of this clip, for anyone interested in replacing the older SD original.

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