Mandie & Tinsley Driving the VW Bus in Flip Flops

Mandie & Tinsley Driving the VW Bus in Flip Flops

September 25th, 2011


Mandie fires up the VW Bus and she takes Tinsley for a drive.  She winds the bus through the gears as they navigate the residential streets.  She comes to a cul-de-sac and is having issues getting the bus into reverse.  She’s getting a bit nervous because a cable worker is right there watching them.  Mandie manages to find reverse and at the next stop sign she swaps seats with Tinsley.  Tinsley punches it and the girls are off again, heading back to the house.

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  1. Mandie & Tinsley Driving The VW Bus / Bare Legs & Flip Flops / HD MP4

    Mandie & Tinsley are going for a drive in the VW bus. Mandie is driving shes wearing a raspberry pull over shirt, blue denim shorts, pink toenail polish, black flip flops, Tinsley is wearing a brown t-shirt, forest green mini skirt, French pedicure toenails, black flip flops. Mandie starts up the bus it fires right up, Shish is in the back getting whole body shots of both Mandie & Tinsley from the rear because Shish is in the back seat hes getting great footwell shots of Mandie’s feet as she works the pedals, Tinsley is in the front passenger seat you can see her feet from time to time. Mandie drives through the neighborhood streets.

    As Mandie is driving she masters the gears really good she and Tinsley talk through out this clip witch is in HD , the only problem that Mandie has with the gear shift is when shes in a culdesac shes trying to turn around there’s a cable van in front of a house Mandie has to backup she has a little trouble getting the gear shift in reverse it takes her two or three tries to the gear shift in reverse Tinsley gets a little nervous because she thinks the cable repair man is staring at her, now Mandie is having a little trouble getting the gear shift into first gear its pissing her off a little bit the camera fades for a few seconds when it comes back on Mandie has it in first and shes on her way.

    Mandie drives down the street not too far from the culdesac she stops the bus putting the gear shift in neutral Tinsley pulls the emergency brake lever she has to pull it a little harder the second time too keep the bus from moving so Tinsley can drive the bus Mandie gets out through the drivers side door as Tinsley scoots over from the passenger seat now that Mandie and Tinsley have traded places, Tinsley asks Mandie. ” Do I make a left turn right?” Mandie says ” yeah.”

    Now Tinsley heads back to the house shes going back the way they came, Shish is getting great video of Tinsley’s feet as she works the pedals Mandie crosses her right leg over her left leg showing her sexy left foot as they head back to the house both of these ladies have sexy feet for those of you who like flip flops your going to like this video. Tinsley pulls into the driveway she puts the gear shift in reverse she backs the bus near the bushes where the bus is normally parked Mandie pulls out the emergency brake lever.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Tinsley shuts off the engine. The End.

    Mandie you and Tinsley did a great driving clip you learned the gears really fast your feet in those flip flops they look sexy in them. Shish your camera work as always great good work all !!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. hi tinsley ilove you in the photo lovely out fit hopefully wearing tights /stockings great video in the campervan but for some reason no one seems to wear tights in the vans ive seen loads boots ankle boot bare feet iwould love to see you in tights and pure nnylon stockings in the beetle campervan volvo and porshe 911 but you dont have one youre lovelly rayxx ps please gmail me iwant to stay a member 10/10 rayxx

  3. hi tinsley iam an eatender idont know if you watch eastenders london england advise to you always keep quarter of a tank of petrol in your car otherwise it upsets the running of the car put 10.00 dollars in your tank it also stops you running out of petrol rayxx ha ha

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