Mandie & Tinsley Play Bumper Cars

Mandie & Tinsley Play Bumper Cars

September 28th, 2012


It’s a cold winters day, the snow has mostly melted and the girls have to head out.  Mandie gets in the freezing cold Cadillac to start it up and move it forward so they can take the Camaro.  Mandie can’t get the cold engine to fire up and Tinsley comes over to see if she can have better luck.  Mandie watches Tinsley give it her best effort but no dice.  They come up with a plan to just push the car out of the way with the Blazer.  Mandie goes and fires up the Blazer and brings it around back and goes bumper to bumper with the Caddy, pushing it forward.

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  1. Mandie & Tinsley Crank & Move The Fleetwood & The Blazer / Cold Winter Day

    Its a cold winter day Mandie & Tinsley have to go to work. Tinsley wants to drive the Camaro, the problem The Cadillac Fleetwood is blocking the garage. Tinsley can’t back the Camaro out. Mandie is wearing a brown coat, white dress, tan leather gloves, brown leather boots. Tinsley is wearing a black coat, red shirt, black leggings,black open-toed stiletto pumps.

    Tinsley asks Mandie to move the Fleetwood she hands the keys to Mandie she gets in. Mandie puts the key in the ignition the engine wont start, it will not even so much as sputter. Mandie is pumping the gas pedal nothing the battery is beginning to get weak. Tinsley knocks on the drivers side window. Mandie rolls down the window shes asks Really? Mandie tells her the Fleetwood wont start.

    Tinsley tells Mandie to move over. Tinsley gets in and tries to get the Fleetwood to start , she cranks and pumps nothing she tries for at least a minute the battery gets weaker fast and dies.

    Shish is using at least two cameras from what I can tell ones mounted inside maybe on the passenger side door getting a whole body shot of Mandie as she tries to start the Fleetwood the other seems to be mounted a little bit lower getting Mandie’s knees and a whole body shot of Tinsley as she tries to get the Fleetwood to start, you also see great video of Tinsley’s right foot as shes pumping the gas pedal.

    The Battery is dead on the Fleetwood. Tinsley gets the idea to push the Fleetwood out of the way with the Blazer, she asks Mandie to go in the Blazer start it up and come behind the Fleetwood. Mandie balks at that because its cold outside. Tinsley manages to talk Mandie to go get the Blazer she gets out of the Fleetwood she gets in the Blazer.

    Mandie has to do a little bit of cranking and pumping to get the Blazer to start, it starts on the second try. Mandie wonders what Tinsley is thinking as she gives the Blazers engine a few quick revs to warm it up. Mandie goes to the end of the driveway she makes a left turn on the street so she can go to the other end of the driveway and get behind the Fleetwood.

    She gets behind the Fleetwood she gives a couple of honks the horn. Tinsley opens the drivers door she gets out. Mandie rolls down the window on the drivers door they talk a little bit. Tinsley gets back in the Fleetwood she turns the ignition on so she can put the gearshift in neutral, she has her right foot on the brake pedal as Mandie inches forward she hits the rear bumper of the Fleetwood a little hard this startles Tinsley a little bit.

    With the Fleetwood’s gearshift in neutral and the Blazers bumper up against the Fleetwood. Mandie moves the Fleetwood slowly. Tinsley keeps her right foot on the brake she doesn’t want the Fleetwood to get to close to the Volvo. Tinsley yells out to Mandie easy easy!! As the Fleetwood moves slowly down the driveway towards the Volvo.

    Now that the Fleetwood is not blocking the garage anymore. Tinsley tells Mandie were good. Mandie puts the gearshift in reverse she backs the Blazer up she parks it off the driveway in the dirt. Now Tinsley can back the Camaro out of the garage.

    Tinsley puts the gearshift back in park she takes the keys out of the ignition. She picks up her smart-phone and her purse she gets out of the Fleetwood. She tells Mandie told you it would work stupid. “(she was just kidding) As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Mandie hands the keys to the Blazer over to Tinsley as they walk over to the garage and take the Camaro to work. The End.

    Mandie your feet look sexy in those brown leather boots. Tinsley your feet look sexy in those open-toed stiletto pumps. For those of you who like these type of shoes your going to like both pairs of shes these ladies were wearing. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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