You knock on the door and Mari answers. She asks if you’re here to look at the car, which you are, and she happily agrees to show you the car. She slips on her Birkenstock sandals and walks you out to where the old Monte Carlo is parked. She knows it’s a bit of a pain to start, so hopefully that won’t deter the buyer. She gets in the car and starts the process of getting it fired up: pump, pump, pump and turn it over….nothing. Again, give it some gas, crank it over and hope for the best. You offer some suggestions to her on how to get it started to which she smiles and complies.
She does get the car started eventually and revs it up some for you to hear it. After a bit of revving, you ask her to turn the car off and see how easily it is to start again. It doesn’t start up right away but with a little pumping and a few more cranks of the engine, she gets it started up again.