Miley Cranking The Bug – #131

Miley Cranking The Bug – #131

September 28th, 2011

Miley is getting ready to go to her old high school friends wedding.  Her car is in the shop and has to take her neighbor’s loaner VW Bug.  She gets in and can’t get it started.  She tries calling for help but no luck.  She keeps trying but the car is so flooded that she ends up having to find another way there.

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  1. Miley Cranking The Super-Beetle / Custom # 131 / Blue Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps

    Miley is going too her high school friends wedding her car is in the shop her neighbor lent her a 1973 VW Super-Beetle that is if she can get it started. Miley is wearing a gray v-neck pull over sweater, blue denim mini skirt, sheer pantyhose, blue patent leather stiletto pumps. As Miley is walking over too the Beetle she worries about getting her blue patent stiletto pumps dirty she has to walk through the bushes and there’s dirt around the car, Miley gets in she has to adjust the drivers seat two or three times before she gets it adjusted just right.

    Now that the seat is adjusted Miley puts the key in the ignition she says” she has to drive this thing ” as shes about to start the engine she would rather drive her car then this old rattletrap. Miley with her left foot she pushes the clutch down she turns the ignition key the engine wont start she adjusts the seat one more time she tries again, she turns the key the engine still wont start shes cranking and pumping, that’s all Miley needs she would really like to get to her high school friends wedding she might not because she has this piece of crap car her neighbor lent her.

    Miley keeps trying she says” its going to start.” I’m not going to be late.” As shes cranking and pumping, after a few minutes Miley stops cranking the bug she takes out her cellphone she sends her friend a text message asking her come pick her up. Miley goes back to cranking and pumping the bug hoping she can get it started so she can attend her friends wedding. Shish is getting great video hes getting upper body and footwell shots as Miley cranks and pumps the bug, after a few minutes Miley takes her shoes off because the patent leather is so stiff its hurting her feet shes going to try cranking in her stocking feet for now and see if that does any good it doesn’t after about a minute she puts her right shoe back on and goes back to cranking and pumping the engine still doesn’t even so much as sputter.

    Miley says” its not going to start maybe she will be her any minute.” Miley opens the door she puts her left shoe back on her foot she leaves the key in the ignition she gets out as the PTP logo pops up on the screen she closes the door. The End.

    Miley you did a great cranking clip your feet in those blue patent stiletto pumps they look sexy in them who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it I sure did. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. lovely model miley everything spot on just needs mud stuck snow stuck nylons mini skirt high heels all vans and beetles with models with clothes like this film with diffrent models 10/10

  3. hi miley lovelly legs babe oh and not forgetting your beauty i love you to bits this video is spot on and the volvo one youve done tights /hose stockings give me plenty more iwould like tosee you hard reving vw beetle and campervan snow stuck or mud stuck but not getting your outfit messed up ilove those tights you wore in this video and in the volvo too please gmail me when you up date so i can get in fast ilook forward to seeing all you models and they are lovelly too i want to stay on this site as long as they have working hard on the pedals its worth every penny keep up the good work babe rayxx 10/10 spot on my gmail no porshe 911 yet that would be nice oh and regards to the camera man or women spot on footage in good quality 10/10 rayxx

  4. no received messages any chance nylons like in this video was spot on the best yet any chance of a come back miss u loads rayxx

  5. hi miley ithink iam wasting my time with good comments. never get response back regarding questions 1 ask.anyway from all past messages are you cranking.THINK ABOUT THIS CAREFULLY WHY DO YOU LIKE IT OVERTHERE? BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE IT OVER HERE LOL ps if you need ID to email me let me know yeh JOKE/////////// ps anyway please let me know what the near future holds for you and your lovelly sister. joke if i said you had a lovely body would you hold it against me lol rayxx . ps get back in the driving seat iam a vw dub /van boff and a surfer iam a beach boy. sick of seeing bare feet brogues wellies and flip flaps sorry flops ann summers dont sell welliys the turn on nylons pantihose tights uniforms get the boys juices flowing no leather troueses there for harleys not cars merry kiss me arse babe love you loads see you soon ray ha haxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxalso tell me how much vw camper bmw 2002 ray thanks PRICE

  6. As I mentioned in another one of Miley’s vids I love her rapid pumping style; diametrically opposite that of the technique employed by her twin sister Riley who is more deliberate, slower in her pumping technique cadence and less aggressive. Miley had on a very sexy outfit with the extremely short mini-skirt,suntan tone pantyhose adorning her slim but shapely legs and the blue pumps. The braces adorning her teeth seem to add an element of young innocence to this young lady who was, what 19/20 at the time of this filming? Still a beautiful and attractive young lady, like her twin Riley.

    Miley seemed to have a lot of trouble first adjusting herself in the seat and later depressing the clutch completely down and engaged as she was cranking the car and pumping the gas with her right foot. It got to the point where Miley felt it to be more comfortable to take off her pumps and work both pedals in her nylon bare feet, (pedicured very nicely). However, pumping the gas pedal without her shoes on as she repeatedly cranked the VW’s engine did not bring her any better luck. In the end she went back to trying it with her shoes back on repeatedly pumping the gas pedal. Throughout though, whether Miley was working the gas pedal with her bare right foot, (in nylons) or in her blue pumps; the sight of her thin right leg bobbing up and down aggressively in sync with her pumping the gas pedal was magnetic to watch. Sorry, Miley I was secretly rooting for you to NOT get the Bug started! By the end of the vid when she gave up in frustration getting out of the car, Miley probably indeed had flooded the VW’s carburetor into oblivion. As the vid concluded the poor young lady looked as if she would indeed miss her friend’s wedding as the Bug. Perhaps she could have called twin sister Riley for a ride as her cell phone was placed in between her thighs near the lower fringe of her tight miniskirt throughout most of the vid, (couldn’t help but notice that fact). Or was Riley also in a similar predicament – stuck in a driveway with a car that she, too, could not get started? lol!

    I also wonder what would have happened in case Miley DID happen to start up the Bug. Based on one other vid where Shish gave Miley her first lesson at driving a standard shift car, (the Volvo which after stalling it dozens of times she ended up moving the vehicle a mere few feet); she would have struggled mightily with her lack of stick shift driving experience to get the car going ANYWHERE. Miley would have stalled it repeatedly, and then probably have difficulty re-starting the temperamental Beetle with each turn of the key in the ignition and her pumping the gas pedal to death. Miley if you do need someone to teach you how to drive a stick shift, I have over 30 years of experience with those manual shift transmissions.

    Great performance both my Miley as the young damsel in distress having to miss an engagement because of a car she could not get started and Shish behind the camera filming this sweet, young lady.

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