Miley Barefoot Cranking & Flooding the Caddy – #133

Miley Barefoot Cranking & Flooding the Caddy – #133

January 30th, 2011

Miley takes the reigns of the Caddy in this custom video and tries to get it cranked.  She uses her bare feet to pump the gas pedal just right to get it started.  But no matter how much she tries to feather the gas pedal, it won’t stay running and she has to start the cranking and pumping process all over.  She even scoots up to the edge of the seat so she can really pump the gas quickly and aggressively in hopes of getting the flooded v8 engine to succumb to her demands.

One thought on “Miley Barefoot Cranking & Flooding the Caddy – #133”

  1. This was an absolutely cute vid. For a middle aged individual such as I am, Miley could be your teenage daughter, (barely over 18 and very a little experience when it comes to starting a classic car like the Caddy with its carburetor engine). The braces adorning Miley’s teeth are make her as well as her twin sister Riley that much more adorable. The audible southern accented twang to her speech pattern and uttering “dang” every time the car stalled out on Miley also were heart-warming. Having seen other vids which featured both Miley and her twin sister Riley clearly show that when comparing the two young ladies Miley is much more aggressive when it comes to pumping the gas pedal as she cranks a car’s engine. I don’t know how tall Miley is but being behind the wheel of that big, powerful V-8 engine Caddy she had to scoot way forward in the driver’s seat in order for her to even reach the pedals. Miley, barefoot with pink-painted toenails pumped the gas pedal hundreds of times throughout the vid. With the camera angled more towards Miley’s legs one could see the right one bobbing up and down wildly with each pump of the gas pedal using her right bare foot. With Shish angling the camera down towards her feet you could hear the audible sound of the pedal hitting the floorboard behind it with each pump of Miley’s bare foot on the pedal. Naturally Miley flooded the Caddy with too much gas in the carburetor especially during her initial and repeated attempts to start the Caddy.

    Miley after close to almost 4 minutes of quick, successive cranking actually got the Caddy started. As it appeared that Miley was really trying to take you the viewer out on a ride she failed to let the car take a moment or two to idle after revving it to clear the foul gas out of the carburetor. The result was that the car quickly stalled out on her. This led to more cranking, barefoot pedal pumping, flooding and with luck sometimes re-starting the car after a few attempts. At other times, Miley had to crank it at least a half dozen times in rapid succession all the time giving the gas pedal a workout with her bare right foot. Miley kept saying, “I hope that this car will start”. It did Miley, a handful of times. Only once she put the steering-wheel mounted gear shift in reverse the Caddy just stalled out. Again and again. I think that Miley was able to move the car but a few feet.

    Near the end of the vid, the Caddy’s engine still flooded and Miley cranking away for the 151st, (at least) time and continuing with her aggressive barefoot pedal pumping the car’s battery began to give in. With barely any cranking rhythmic cadence in the end, Miley looked toward the passenger seated next to her saying “looks like the car isn’t going anywhere”. She got out of the vehicle as the PTP logo appeared on screen. That’s okay Miley. I, the viewer of the vid never did get to take the ride with you driving. But, it was quite a show just with your attempts at getting the Caddy started.

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