Morgan Cranking Coronet in Open Toe Sandals

Morgan Cranking Coronet in Open Toe Sandals

July 27th, 2007

Morgan is having some major difficulty getting the Coronet started.  She stabs the gas pedal with her white open-toe sandals over and over, pumping the gas fast in hopes that it will start.  She pauses from occasionally with a puzzled look on her face as if she’s not sure what to do next, but then she keeps trying, her body bouncing in rhythm to the pumps.

One thought on “Morgan Cranking Coronet in Open Toe Sandals”

  1. While I’m a guy that likes girls that crank a car while wearing sneakers, this video ticks every other box. I think Morgan is one of the most beautiful creatures that I’ve ever seen. She cranks long, which I like. Her mannerisms are perfect. I’m a total sucker for a girl with brown eyes and long, curly brown hair. She’s so nice. I bet she’s also really super nice. I love how the Coronet is sputtering and fluttering while she’s cranking it. It’s just one of the best cranking videos due to the car, the girl and her style.

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